Best Black Friday Apple Deals

From iPads and AirPods to iPhones and MacBooks, Apple’s products are hot and pricey, so every Black Friday deal helps

Apple Black Friday deals
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In just about every product category Apple has entered, it offers some of the most enticing products, so Apple deals are all the more attractive especially when considering the premium prices Apple charges. With the best Black Friday deals, you can make that premium a little less pointed, helping you afford whichever Apple gadget you’re after.

Apple has a whole fleet of new devices to choose from in the past year. The new iPhone 13 family is as likely as any device to see discounts, especially from mobile carriers looking to entice new customers. Apple has also upgraded its MacBooks with in-house chips that surprise with impressive performance and even more dazzling battery life. Apple Watches and AirPods also stand out as exciting accessories for Apple fans. 

We’ve rounded up Black Friday deals on popular Apple products to help you get your hands on the latest and greatest from Apple without having to pay the full price.



iPhone 13
Apple’s iPhone 13 provides a lot of potential at a reasonable price, so Black Friday deals just make it that much better. The phone has powerful internals alongside a higher base storage. This year, Apple has also shrunken the Face ID technology to provide more screen space at the top of the display area. The cameras have also received an upgrade, making low-light photos even easier to snap.


MacBook Air
Apple’s M1 MacBook Air is a thin and light laptop with a serious helping for performance coming from the M1 chip inside. It not only delivers impressive speeds but also fantastic battery life. With all that coming in a highly portable design, you’d have a hard time finding a better machine for mobile needs. The fact Apple only charges $999 for it makes it a strong value that only gets better with Black Friday discounts.


Apple Watch Series 7
The new Apple Watch Series 7 just takes everything Apple was doing well with its watches and makes it even better. This new model can charge faster, helping you keep it up and running more. It has a bigger screen thanks to trimmed bezels, which also helps improve the looks of what was already a gorgeous timepiece. You’ll also get support for lots of health features and plenty of smarts from the popular watchOS. At a $399 starting price, it’s hurting for some Black Friday discounts, though.


AirPods (3rd) Gen
Apple’s AirPods weren’t left out with the suite of 2021 upgrades. The new AirPods (3rd Gen) have received a redesign that makes them closer to the AirPods Pro in looks. With improved sound and spatial audio support, they’re also performing closer to the AirPods Pro. You won’t be getting ANC, but you’ll get a lower price in return.


Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad is a phenomenal value. It provides a bright and crisp display for getting all your browsing, shopping, social media, and TV/movie streaming, and it comes at an incredibly fair price. The iPad also runs on decently powerful hardware, making it especially appealing in the face of a lot of low-power PCs and Android tablets in the same price range.


Amazon Apple deals

Amazon Apple deals
Amazon always has tons of Apple products on sale from iPads and iPhones to MacBooks and accessories. With the retailer’s heavy focus on Black Friday, you can expect to see some deals here, plus you can save with used and renewed products.

Walmart Apple deals

Walmart Apple deals
Walmart takes Black Friday seriously, and you’ll find tons of enticing deals to get you in the store or on the site. Keep an eye on Walmart for Apple deals, as Apple is definitely the kind of brand to entice customers.

Best Buy Apple deals

Best Buy Apple deals
Best Buy has you covered for tech, and it’s always offering plenty of Apple products. With Black Friday deals, those products are just going to get easier to snag, whether at a discount or with some freebies thrown in.

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