Bensons For Beds’ new Naturals mattresses are perfect for eco-conscious sleepers

Bensons For Beds launches three new eco-conscious mattresses

Bensons For Beds Naturals by Slumberland
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Bensons For Beds has launched its new eco-conscious mattress range: Naturals by Slumberland. Featuring three new models, the mattresses are made of recycled, natural and organic materials, including cotton, flax and bamboo.

The Bensons For Beds Naturals by Slumberland range is available to buy now with prices starting at £649 – and you can already get up to £150 on select sizes.

Bensons For Beds has just unveiled its new Naturals by Slumberland collection. The new eco-conscious range consists of three new mattresses, all of which are made from a blend of recycled, natural and organic materials to offer unrivalled comfort and support that’s kind to the planet.

Many people have started to look into more eco-friendly products for their home, including mattresses and sleep accessories. Many of the best mattresses on the market have been created with sustainable materials and practices, meaning they use less wasteful materials and are easy to recycle when you upgrade to a new sleep set-up.

With this in mind, Bensons For Beds’ Naturals by Slumberland range feature natural materials that are kind to the environment and offer a comfortable night’s sleep during all seasons. Each mattress is handmade to order in Bensons For Beds’ UK factory to cut down on waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

The three mattresses that make up the new Bensons For Beds Naturals by Slumberland include the Naturals Premium Wool, the Naturals Ultimate Wool and the Naturals Plant-Based Luxe. All three mattresses are made of a combination of premium and micro-pocket springs which better adjust and adapt with the body as you sleep, and offer strong edge support and pressure relief.

Starting with the most inexpensive mattress from the range, the Naturals Plant-Based Luxe Mattress is a blend of 1850 springs, organic cotton, flax, bamboo and tencel. The use of bamboo gives the mattress more breathability and cooling, making it perfect for the hotter months of the year (see why bamboo is the best material for sleep for more details).

Next up is the Naturals Premium Wool Mattress which has 2550 springs that offer good support and motion isolation so you’re not constantly awoken by your partners’ fidgeting. In addition to the materials used in the plant-based mattress, the Naturals Premium Wool Mattress also has a Truecomfort quilted stretch fit cover for extra cushioning.

Finally, the Naturals Ultimate Wool Mattress is the most luxurious option in the range, featuring 3050 springs with a height of 32.5cm. It’s made from organic cotton, flax, bamboo, tencel, wool and latex. The wool is designed for year-round comfort and the latex offers pressure relief, better spinal alignment and is hypoallergenic. 

If you’re looking for a new mattress that has eco-friendly and sustainable credentials, the Bensons For Beds Naturals by Slumberland collection is an ideal choice. Not only does it use a range of natural materials, but the Truecomfort surface is made of 75% recycled polymers to reduce plastic waste reaching landfill and oceans. Additionally, its tencel and latex materials are sustainably sourced from raw wood and rubber trees, and its organic cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved.

The Bensons For Beds Naturals by Slumberland collection is available to buy now, with prices starting at £649. As of writing, you can get up to £150 off the three new mattresses, depending on the size you choose.

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