Experts reveal bamboo is the best material for sleep – here’s why

5 expert-approved reasons bamboo is the best material for sleep

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To set yourself up for the best night’s sleep, it’s important to have the right sleep environment. This is one of the rules for good sleep hygiene, as it helps your brain and body to rest and relax when you get into bed, so you’re not lying awake for too long or experiencing disturbed sleep.

Creating the right sleep environment is completely unique to you, but one of the key things to invest in is the best mattress to support your body and sleep style. Choosing a good material for your mattress and other sleep accessories like the best pillow is also vital, as you want something that’s comfortable, supportive, cooling and easy to maintain.

With so many different sleep materials on the market today, including memory foam, springs and even charcoal, there’s one material that’s been emerging as one of the best materials to sleep on: bamboo. To find out more, I spoke to Stephen Goknel, Sleep Guru and Founder of Luff Sleep who gave five reasons why bamboo is beneficial for a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

5 reasons bamboo is the best material for sleep

1. Natural, organic and sustainable

One of the main reasons bamboo is becoming so popular is because of its natural, organic and sustainable growth and make-up. Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant and “requires no herbicides or pesticides” in its growth, meaning producing a bamboo mattress, duvet or pillow is less harmful to the environment. Bamboo bedding and fibres are 100% organic, sustainable and vegan-friendly, appealing to a wider customer audience, and offering a soft, cosy surface to sleep on.

2. Temperature regulating

If you’re a hot or sweaty sleeper, a bamboo sleep product will become your new best friend. Bamboo silk is extremely breathable as its optimised airflow regulates your temperature. Rather than getting too hot at night, bamboo naturally wicks away moisture while you sleep, helping you cool down during the hotter months and keeping you warm during the colder months. Bamboo is also an odour-resistant material, so even if you do sweat a little, the material won’t hold onto any unpleasant smells.

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3. Great for people with allergies

For those who suffer from breathing issues, hay fever or asthma, bamboo is the perfect addition to your bedroom. As Goknel explains, “bamboo fibres contain ‘bamboo kun’ which is naturally antibacterial, meaning that even as you sleep, the bamboo is helping to clear and clean your airways and help you breathe easier.” He claims that bamboo is also sensitive with minor wounds and helps improve skin problems like acne or oiliness.

4. Kind to the skin and hair

Almost all of us have woken up from a deep sleep with hair in disarray and sheet marks indented on your faces. With bamboo silk, “the fibres are smoother and cause less resistance” which is great for your skin and hair. This means your hair won’t be as crazy in the morning and your skin will look much fresher, while avoiding the dreaded ‘pillow face’ that you often find with cotton or linen pillows.

5. Easy to clean

The general rule for washing your bed sheets is to stick to a schedule of once a week, at a push once every two weeks. But even if you stick to this, the material of your best sheets might not fare well in your washing machine, leaving you with more stains than you started with. But bamboo is extremely easy to clean, making it ideal for families, couples and even kids.

Luff Sleep uses bamboo in all its bedding products, including its sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, mattress, pillows and mattress topper. Head over to Luff Sleep to shop the full range.

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