Bensons for Beds launches first gaming bed, built with gamers and comfort in mind

Bensons for Beds combines sleep and gaming with its new Re-charge Gaming Bed

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If you’re a serious or casual gamer, you’ve probably already got the best gaming chair at your disposal for better comfort and support during long gaming sessions. But even if it's engineered with a comfortable seat, supportive backrest and adjustable arms, there’s really nothing better than lying down in a cosy bed… which is why Bensons for Beds has designed its very own gaming bed.

UK bed retailer, Bensons for Beds has just launched the Re-charge Gaming Bed, its first ever gaming bed designed with gamers in mind. Described as the “perfect complement of comfort and performance”, the Re-charge Gaming Bed is loaded with impressive gaming features, immersive sound and made with premium materials.

Bensons for Beds developed the Re-charge Gaming Bed following extensive research into how gamers want to play. With over 58% of the population playing video games in 2023, the UK is said to have the highest game user penetration compared to other countries. Further research revealed that 50% of gamers play as a means of unwinding and relaxation, so the team at Bensons for Beds decided to develop a product that catered to these needs.

Enter the Re-charge Gaming Bed! The exclusive gaming bed is a combination of luxury, comfort and gaming and is designed to create an immersive gaming experience. With immersion at the forefront, the Re-charge Gaming Bed features a Sharp 43-inch 4K UHD Dolby Atmos TV which is built into the foot of the bed and rises up and down when in or out of use.

The TV has a ‘Gaming Mode’, a setting specifically designed for gamers, which reduces lag and improves the look and feel of the game. To amplify this and for better sound, the Re-charge Gaming Bed has two 30W integrated speakers and 60W subwoofer to bring each game to life. These are located at the end of the bed alongside the TV.

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The Re-charge Gaming Bed has an Ottoman TV bed frame which offers plenty of storage space. Your gaming console fits into the bed frame which is LED lit and ventilated to stop overheating and tidy away any cables. The bed also has USB and USB-C ports and detachable headset and controller hooks on each side of the headboard.

To set the mood while game playing, the Re-charge Gaming Bed has multi-coloured LED lighting. The lights are located at the back of the headboard and you can choose from different colours and hues to customise your gaming atmosphere. The bed itself is made from premium woven fabrics in black and grey.

While gaming and sleep don’t necessarily go hand in hand, the Re-charge Gaming Bed has been designed for ultimate comfort and a good night’s sleep after a long gaming session. If this design seems strange, this actually isn’t the first gaming bed we’ve seen as Dreams launched its own gaming bed in 2022.

The only downside is that the Re-charge Gaming Bed doesn’t come with a mattress so you’ll have to buy one separately (check out our best mattress guide for our top picks. Despite the lack of mattress, the Re-charge Gaming Bed comes with the ottoman bed frame, its many gaming and lighting features and a 43-inch TV.

Prices on the Re-charge Gaming Bed start at £2,099.99 and are available in small double, double and king sizes at Bensons for Beds.

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