This Connected Dishwasher is Alexa powered with smart features that are actually useful

Beko’s affordable kitchen servant offers better cleaning, less hassle, plus reminders and updates via your phone

Beko’s AutoDose Connected Dishwasher

Beko’s AutoDose Connected Dishwasher is the smart dishwasher for the many not the few. It offers tailored cleaning, convenient features, unobtrusive styling and  comes at an affordable price point. So far, so typically Beko. However, this dishwasher also adds Wi-Fi connectivity, a massive detergent reservoir, and the ability to nag you to buy new cleaning supplies and scrub the filter, via messages to your phone. It's a bit like being in a Whatsapp group with your household appliances!

There are up to 24 different wash cycles to pick from too, depending on the dishwashing task in hand. However, thanks to that built-in wireless connectivity – you’ll need to connect to the appliance by installing the HomeWhiz app on an Android or iOS device – Beko's machine can also download exciting new wash programmes. 

The app also lets you order fresh detergent when you're running low, using either Amazon’s Dash Replenishment System (DRS) or Finish 365. Got Alexa in your househould? Even better, because the Beko AutoDose Connected Dishwasher is Alexa-enabled once you get yourself the HomeWhiz Alexa skill, letting you start programmes and check on time remaining with just your voice.

Beko AutoDose Connected Dishwasher

Beko AutoDose Connected Dishwasher: pretty boring on the outside, yet smarter than the average appliance

If you’re a little on the absent-minded side, the Beko AutoDose Connected Dishwasher can also notify you when you’ve chosen a programme but neglected to turn it on. It'll even tell you when the filter needs a scrub down. So that's nice. 

The AutoDose part of the machine's name alludes to the fact that, as with a lot of modern washing machines, the Beko AutoDose Connected Dishwasher has a large detergent reservoir that you can fill, rather than adding fresh tablets, liquid or powder every time. As a result, it can keep on cleaning for 'up to a month' before you need a top-up. 

There’s still a little bit of manual involvement needed along the way though. While you can order your liquids and gels using the power of technology, you’ll still need to take them out of the packet and put them into the machine. There's also not yet a robotic arm that takes all the dishes and cutlery out and puts them away in the right drawers. Maybe that will be in version 2.

In countries that have such things, the smart dishwasher can also be programmed to start during off-peak hours, saving you cash on your electricity bill. 

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