Beat the wet weather with this two-in-one Musto jacket

Be prepared for this unpredictable weather

Beat the wet weather with this two-in-one Musto jacket

Let's face it, the weather is pretty crazy at the moment – last weekend we were in t-shirts and this week we're back in jackets, scarves, and gloves, with the treat of a month's rain in a single day.

It makes knowing what to wear very difficult.

Musto has created a versatile product which combines two jackets into one – making sure you're ready for whatever mother nature throws at you.

The BR1 XVR jacket and XVR Primaloft Dock jacket can be bought and worn separately, but can also be combined to make a single, waterproof, weatherproof, and warm jacket.

Perfect for when the weather can't decide what season it is.

Check out the two jackets below:

The Dock PrimaLoft XVR jacket is constructed from 100-percent ripstop nylon, and designed to offer exceptional warmth with the ability to withstand the rigours of outdoor life.

It features a dual zip and attachment points in the hood and sleeves, which can be fixed into compatible XVR jackets (such as the one below).

For a garment to be deemed waterproof, industry standards require 1,500mm of water to be able to sit on the fabric's surface for 24 hours before it starts to leak. The BR1 XVR jacket offers protection which exceeds that benchmark.

It's constructed from Musto's BR1 fabric, and features articulated sleeve to provide a full spectrum of motion.

When combined with the Dock jacket above, you'll get exceptional waterproofing and insulation, or they can be worn separately, depending on whether you need warmth or weatherproofing.

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