Beat the heatwave with this cheap air conditioner from Lidl

Lidl has launched a new portable air conditioner for just £169.99, plus more air con deals from Currys & Very

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In the UK, the weather is scorching and all anyone can talk about is the heat. This weekend, temperatures are set to skyrocket so many people are looking for ways to stay cool and Lidl seems to have the answer.

Today, Lidl released the Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner, just in time for this weekend’s heatwave. At just £169.99, the Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect cooling device that’s a fraction of the price of similar models and big name brands on the market.

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As the UK doesn’t tend to have permanent air conditioners inside houses, many people have been scouring the web or raiding the shops to find fans, air conditioners and other cooling products. The best portable air conditioners (opens in new tab) are easy to use, have multiple cooling features and long reach, but even the smallest options can come with a hefty price tag.

If you’re looking for a quality air conditioner to cool you and your home down this summer, the Lidl Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner is an affordable and powerful choice. The Lidl Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner is a 3-in-1 device that acts as a cooler, fan and dehumidifier to keep the rooms in your home at a comfortable temperature and remove bacteria and allergens from the air.

This air conditioner release comes at a great time, as the Prime Day sale has just ended. The sale had tons of offers on air conditioners, fans and heaters but if you missed the sale, head to Lidl to snap up the affordable Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner before the heatwave hits.

To shop this deal, you’ll need to head into your local Lidl. If you want to know more about the Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner or want to check if your nearest store has it in stock, click the link above or keep reading for more details.

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Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner: £169.99 at Lidl (opens in new tab)
Head to your nearest Lidl to snap up the Silvercrest Portable Air Conditioner for just £169.99. This all-in-one cooling unit is suitable for small-medium rooms and the temperature ranges from 16 - 31°C. It’s also rated Energy Efficiency Class A so it won’t cost you a fortune to run and the noise is pretty minimal so you won’t be disturbed while it’s running.

If you’d prefer to shop for a fan or air conditioner online, we've included a handy deals widget in this post that will show you the best deals from multiple retailers. We’ve also found a couple of good air conditioner deals from Currys and Very which you can find below.

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Princess 352103 Air Conditioner: was £399.99, now £369.99 at Currys (opens in new tab)
Save £30 on the Princess 352103 Air Conditioner at Currys. This air conditioner cools and dehumidifies your home, and has an airflow rate of 320 m³/h. It can be easily controlled and adjusted with the remote control and LCD screen and like the Lidl model, it isn't excessively noisy.

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BLACK+DECKER BXAC40006GB 9000 Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner: was £449, now £389 at Very (opens in new tab)
This 3-in-1 air conditioning, dehumidifier and cooling fan from BLACK+DECKER is now £389, saving shoppers £60. It has multiple speed airflow settings and temperatures of 18 - 32°C. It’s ideal for larger rooms and uses little energy so its kinder to the environment.

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