Beach body anxiety? Experts reveal top pre-holiday tips for looking great this summer

You’re not the only one worrying, we promise!

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With holiday season just around the corner, the mere thought of being seen in holiday clothes and swimsuits can trigger a wave of body-conscious panic. Countless individuals experience a decrease in confidence and self-assurance, primarily stemming from worries about their body size.

A recent survey has revealed the UK’s attitude to pre-holiday dieting, highlighting that a shocking 3 out of 5 Brits admit to dieting before a holiday. It was shown that 1 in 5 dieting just a week before they are set to travel, and 1 in 20 dieting between 1-3 days before their trip.

The survey, carried out by the healthy eating recipe box company Green Chef, also shows that there is a huge generational shift when it comes to pre-holiday dieting. 25-34 year olds are most likely to diet before a holiday, with 66.6% of those aged 65 and over say they don’t bother. Here is what the experts had to say: 

Ditch the crash diet

Although you may see quick results, this isn’t sustainable and you’ll most likely put it all back on within three days of being abroad. Fill your pre-holiday weeks with eating food that’s healthy and makes you feel great, such as fruit, salads, proteins and grains. You’ll look and feel so much better for it too! Oh, had you heard that the world’s healthiest vegetable has been revealed?

Consider keto or lower carb diets

For a standard keto diet, generally you would consume a low amount of carbs, moderate proteins and a higher amount of fat. These sorts of diets have more longevity and will leave you feeling full, nourished and well. Holiday destinations such as the Mediterranean follow lower carb diets anyway, so you can stay on track whilst you’re there!

Stay active

Exercising and staying active releases endorphins, making you feel happy and relaxed. Ditch the stress and enter your holiday-mode by moving more in the weeks before your trip. It will also accompany your diet nicely, meaning you will shift more weight in the lead up. Try going for a run or even exercising at home

Find a swimsuit which fits you nicely

There’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze into a swimsuit that’s too small for you - it will be uncomfortable and will make you feel even more self concious. You are much better off finding a swimsuit that fits you well, giving you the confidence to strut your stuff without worrying what you look like. It’s a perfect excuse to go holiday shopping as well!

Remember that you're not the only one

This Green Chef survey alone has highlighted that the majority of people feel the need to diet before a holiday, so you're not alone if you experience anxiety over how you look. Realistic diet and fitness goals can help you feel empowered by your body, rather than fighting against it.

Head Chef and Registered Nutritionist at Green Chef, Anna Tebbs, RNutr said: “It is interesting to see that despite the pro-body confidence and wellbeing-focused culture we live in, the majority of Brits are still turning to unsustainable diets. We feel that it’s important that we open up the conversation about unhealthy dieting cultures and promote sustainable diet options, encouraging them to become a way of life, rather than just a fad diet.” 

Ditch that last minute diet panic, and focus on what makes you feel good. Have a wonderful trip!

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