Bag a cool £100 off these awesomely shiny premium metal Samsung freezers

It's time to replace your tired old white freezer with these stainless steel beauties


Get ‘em while they’re hot! Er, well, cold. If you’re seriously considering a new freezer then dawdle no longer on the decision as these models are going fast. The brace of freezers we’ve found on the Curry's website – okay, they emailed and told us about them – are too good to miss, especially if you want to move up from plain white to a more modern and stylish metallic finish.

• SAMSUNG RZ32M7120SA/EU in Metal Graphite finish was £799 now £699

SAMSUNG RZ32M71207F/EU in Refined Steel finish was £849 now £799

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SAMSUNG RZ32M7120SA/EU Tall Freezer - Metal Graphite | Save £100
This gorgeous freezer offers more than enough storage for all sorts of food thanks to a cavernous 315 litre interior. You also get an array of shelves and compartments plus unlimited supplies of ice for drinks. It's down to £599 for a limited period.View Deal

Meanwhile, inside the cavernous interior you’ll find a slim ice maker that’s good for endless chunks of frozen water when you need it. Located on the inside of the door, all you need to do is pull the lever and you’ve got ice for your next drink.

There’s an A+ energy rating and lots of handy compartments. In fact, the SAMSUNG RZ32M7120SA/EU offers up no fewer than four drawers, five shelves and two compartments in the door. It’s generous like that. And, open up that sizeable door and you’ll be bathed in cool white light, thanks to a nicely positioned LED.

The mighty Samsung is also frost free and delivers a fast freeze, so it’s quick and easy to get into service. For the absent-minded and those with kids there are both open door and temperature alarms. 

SAMSUNG RZ32M71207F/EU Tall Freezer in Refined Steel | Was £849 now £799
The Refined Steel finish of this Samsung is matched by a similar set of features to the model above. Open door and temperature alarms mean that you don't carry out an impromptu defrost.
View Deal

Hot on the heels of that enormous shiny appliance is the SAMSUNG RZ32M71207F/EU and it’s another thing of beauty. This time the appliance comes resplendent in a Refined Steel finish. Again, this is such a refreshing change if you’re getting rather tired of humdrum white goods around your home.

The overall theme is similar to the first Samsung model, ie; it’s big and tall with another 315 litres of storage space to sling your freezable foods into. Similarly, it’s frost free and delivers a fast freeze for good measure. Open door and temperature alarms round it all out nicely.

If the Samsung models aren’t for you then check out our other favourites via the best freezer guide 2019. Or if you’re after a fridge freezer then take a look at our best fridge freezer guide 2019 instead. Stay cool, it's getting hot out there.