Backbone and Post Malone get in the zone with a controller for your phone

Extremely limited edition Backbone One controller announced

Backbone One – Post Malone Limited Edition Controller
(Image credit: Backbone)
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Backbone has partnered with US rapper Post Malone for a special edition version of its mobile gaming controller.

The limited run Backbone One will be available from 25 June, although only 500 units have been made.

Mobile gaming accessory brand Backbone has announced a collaboration with American rapper Post Malone, with the duo combining to product an extremely limited edition version of the Backbone One controller.

The artist – real name Austin Richard Post – has had huge success with the likes of Sunflower, which featured in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Circles, and Rockstar. He's also known to be an avid gamer and WWE fan, listing Apex Legends as among his favourite titles.

He will even appear in WWE 2K24 as a playable wrestler as part of the eponymous Post Malone & Friends DLC coming on 26 June.

His tie-in with Backbone makes great sense, therefore, as you'll be able to use the limited edition Backbone One to play as him in the game through cloud gaming services, such as Boosteroid and Shadow.

Alternatively, you can use the controller to play the game streamed from your own console, through the respective PlayStation and Xbox Remote Play apps.

It also, of course, works just like other Backbone One controllers, so you can play 1,000s of other games using it too – including a raft of retro games using emulators on Android and iOS, or Antstream Arcade when that arrives later this month too.

The controller is green as that's the rapper's favourite colour. It also features a glow-in-the-dark "PM" logo and an upgraded aluminium D-pad. The ABXY buttons are etched aluminium too, while the device is hand-assembled and presented in special, sequentially-numbered packaging.

"Backbone found the perfect solution to bring gaming on the road," said Post Malone himself.

"My schedule makes it difficult to game from home as much as I want. Grateful to collaborate with them on this release."

Only 500 Backbone One – Post Malone Limited Edition Controllers will be available, which will be available through the Backbone website on 25 June. Checkout will open at 5pm BST that day. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

If you do miss out, you can still get great deals on conventional Backbone One variants for your device, be that iPhone or Android. They are available from multiple retailers now.

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