Back to school deals: Save on Now TV's fantastic Sky Sports package right now

As sports (and school) make a return, Now TV is offering Sky Sports for a fabulously low price

Now TV Sky Sports deal back to school
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Just as the summer holidays are drawing to a close and students are preparing to go back to school, so are the days of having to buy into all Sky's TV offerings to get at the things you love. Thanks to Now TV, you can pick and choose exactly which bits you want and basically unbeatable prices.

The premise behind Now TV is simple: everything that makes paid-for TV great is available in smaller packages that you can cancel at any time and, most importantly, watch anywhere; you don't need to have a Sky TV box to enjoy the content.

With the Sky TV Pass, you get access to Formula 1, the PGA Championship, Test Cricket, and, of course, rugby and football across its 11 channels. And with Boost HD, all of this is available in 1080p, streamable across three different screens, and with support for 5.1 surround sound. It's the real deal, basically.

Taken together, this is an incredibly strong deal, saving you around £20 over the two months just as sports gets going again. If you're planning on moving out and will miss your parents' Sky TV package, look no further than these deals from Now TV.

Now TV Sky Sports Pass | Boost HD (7 Day Trial) | 11 channels | Three screens | Was £33.99/month | Now £25/month | Available from Now TV

Now TV Sky Sports Pass | Boost HD (7 Day Trial) | 11 channels | Three screens | Was £33.99/month | Now £25/month | Available from Now TV
Just what it says on the tin: everything that makes Sky TV so great, in a much smaller and easier-to-manage bundle, with a saving of over £20 across the two months. It's an unmissable deal.

So, no matter what you're doing come September – going back to school, college, or university, or something else – make sure you have the right equipment and services, starting with this Now TV deal.

Max Slater-Robins

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