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Now TV has a 7-day free trial running at the moment, which is perfect for lockdown binge watching

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As the UK lockdown stretches on staying entertained and sane is becoming harder and harder. Luckily, though, Now TV currently has a 7-day free trial running that allows you to select from their content passes and watch all its content, immediately, without paying a penny.

This Now TV deal is especially welcome now as Sky is no longer able to undertake installations, meaning anyone who was thinking of getting Sky is now facing month-long delays before anything is possible. Now TV, though, delivers most of Sky's content (Now TV is a Sky subsidiary) and does so without an installation being needed.

Now TV works on any device you can think of, too, from phones to tablets and computers to smart TVs, meaning you don't even have to run any Now TV hardware to enjoy its awesome content if you don't want to (although it is ace!).

And, what content it is! With access to the full works of Sky cinema, entertainment and children's programming, there is always something great to watch for the whole family. The fact that Now TV has over 300 box sets ready to stream immediately with its Entertainment Pass gives a flavour of the epic content library in store.

Check out the full details of the Now TV 7-day free trial below:

Now TV | 7-day free trial | Available now

Now TV | 7-day free trial | Available now
Now TV has a completely free 7-day free trial running right now on each of its content passes. That means you can select from Entertainment, Cinema, Kids and Hayu passes and get full, unrestricted access for £0.00 for 7 days. What makes this offer so attractive is that you can then cancel the service immediately after your 7-day trial with just a few button pushes (yes, it really is that easy), and walk away. It is literally a win-win situation. Free content, cancel any time.

Now TV is one of the absolute best streaming services in terms of breadth of content and ease of use, so the fact that you can now watch for free for an entire week, and especially right now during lockdown, is a welcome boon for anyone looking to stay entertained.

And, while you're bagging totally free content to stream while in lockdown, you should absolutely check out the free Disney+ trial that is running right now, too. Not only is Disney+ a simply awesome streaming service, but it is also directly accessible through the Now TV Stick and Now TV Smart Box.

For the latest prices on the Now TV Stick and Now TV Smart Box with 4K and Voice Search, check out today's best deals below:

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