Audemars Piguet CEO praises MoonSwatch, could a Swatch Royal Oak be next?

It might be wishful thinking…

(Image credit: Swatch)

As Swatch is currently working overtime to increase the manufacturing capacity of its immensely popular (and still difficult to get a hold of) MoonSwatch, the runaway hit is still the talk of the watch world. 

For example, François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet, recently said in an interview with the Switzerland-based Luxury Tribune the collaboration between Omega and Swatch was one of the great ideas to have come out of the conservative Swiss watch industry.

“Their collaboration is a great idea, which does not affect the integrity of Omega at all, contrary to what you may have heard. Why is that? Because it educates the younger generation about the icons of watchmaking,” Mr Bennahmias states.

Adding to this, we already know that some luxury brands have approached Swatch to create their own viral hit, with Swatch Group chief executive Nicholas Hayek saying, “There could be another collaboration. We have some other ideas and I think there are other people who are approaching Swatch, who are perhaps in the high end. After this [MoonSwatch] operation I could imagine that some would imagine to be able to work with us and do a similar approach. Only it would not be a big surprise anymore.” 

Was Audemars Piguet one of the high-end brands that approached Swatch? Maybe, but only time will tell, and, it'll likely be up to the new CEO of Audemars Piguet to decide whether the brand goes through with the project or not, as François-Henry Bennahmias will be leaving the brand at the end of 2023.

Until we have definite proof that a Swatch x Audemars Piguet collaboration is happening, we will have to use our imaginations as to what it will look like if it ever does arrive.

In my mind, it would make sense that the collaboration uses AP's most recognisable and sought-after model the Royal Oak (Royal Swoak, maybe?)

This watch was designed by Gerald Genta in 1971 and, despite an initially tepid response, has gone on to become a huge international success and one of the most iconic watches ever. I'd love to see it given the colourful Swatch treatment.

Using my amazing Photoshop skills, this is what the Swatch Royal Oak could look like:

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak x Swatch colours

(Image credit: T3 / Audemars Piguet)

In a bid to keep costs down, inside, rather than one of Audemar Piguet's self-winding calibres would use one of Swatch's Quartz movements, and the case would be machined from Bioceramic rather than stainless steel, just like the MoonSwatch.

This means that rather than costing around £20,000 / $20,000, it would cost around £200 / $200.

Would you queue outside a Swatch store to get your hands on a Swatch Royal Oak? Do you think there's a chance the collaboration could ever happen? Let us know of Facebook or Twitter.

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