Apple's M2 Mac mini has already got a UK price cut, but you'll need to be quick

Apple's most powerful Mac mini is even cheaper, with savings of up to £80 off Apple's price

Apple Mac Mini M2
(Image credit: Apple)

The latest version of Apple's Mac mini, the M2, is a fantastic computer – and at £649 for the base model, it's extremely affordable too. And if you're quick you can get it for even less, because the BT shop is selling all three variants for significantly less than the official Apple RRP.

Apple doesn't usually do discounts, especially so soon after launch, so these are definitely worth looking into.

Apple is currently charging £649 for the 8-core CPU with 256GB, £849 for the 8-core with 512GB and £1,399 for the 10-core M2 Pro with 512GB. The BT shop is doing them for £610.62, £798.72 and £1,316.25 respectively.

Is the M2 Mac mini worth buying?

Yes. In our M2 Mac mini Pro review, we said it gave you more processing power than you'll ever need and that "this is a near-perfect machine for home use."

Even the cheapest M2 Mac mini has more power than the M1 MacBook Pro I'm typing this on, and that laptop can handle massive Logic Pro X projects without even breaking sweat. Unless you're working in video production or animation or want the ultimate in gaming (and in the latter, you're probably better with a gaming PC anyway), the M2 is superb value without compromising on performance. I'm due to replace my Mac this year and the M2 mini is almost certainly the one I'll be going for.

If you're interested in the BT deals you'll need to move fast, though: at the time of writing the most affordable one is showing fewer than 40 units in stock, and I'd expect them to go quickly.

Carrie Marshall

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