Apple's best true wireless earbuds for workouts will soon be sending nudes

Leaked images reveal three subtle new colours for the Apple Beats Fit Pro earbuds

Beats Fit Pro 2022 leaked colours
(Image credit: MacRumors)

We really like Apple's Beats Fit Pro earbuds: they have great battery life and AirPods Pro-rivalling sound and features, making them among the best true wireless earbuds for workouts and up there with the best noise cancelling earbuds of every kind. And it looks like there's a new version coming, or at least some new colour options: with the 2022 Beats Fit Pro, it seems that Apple is sending nudes.

According to leaker Aaronp613 on Twitter, via MacRumors, the new colours include Mica, Ochre and Umbra. Judging by the videos they appear to be designed as nude colours for three different skin tones ranging from fairly pale to very dark, with more subtle Beats branding than the current line-up. I think they look great: as much as I like the current Beats, I'm not a huge fan of the existing colours.

When will the new Beats Fit Pro launch?

We don't know. The current colours – black, white, pale purple and grey – were introduced in November, and if Apple doesn't have any plans for hardware upgrades then a fall/autumn release of these new colours would keep the Beats Fit Pro looking fresh. And certainly there's no compelling need to upgrade the hardware: because these are so recent there's Apple's H1 chip and very good noise cancellation and transparency modes; I think that for late 2022, Apple's focus is on the AirPods Pro 2 instead. 

I do hope these leaked colours are real, because it'd be nice to have earbuds that don't announce their presence quite so loudly – although it's hard to tell from the leaks how these will look in actual people's ears, they do look like for many people they'll blend in better than any completely white or completely black buds do. I don't tend to associate Beats with subtlety, but I think these buds could be brilliant. 

It's just a shame they won't work for me: as someone who's both Scottish and a member of the ginger community, even the palest of these new colours is more tanned than I'll ever be; most of me hasn't seen the sun since the 1970s. So here's hoping Apple is working on a "pale goth" collection too.

Carrie Marshall

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