Apple WWDC keynote suggests faster speeds

The familiar Swift logo is looking swifter than ever ahead of WWDC2024

WWDC 2024 invite
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple just sent out a reminder for its upcoming WWDC 2024 keynote. The logo this year is the familiar swift bird which represents its developer language, but does it tell us anything more about what to expect from this year's event?

The title 'Coming in Swiftly' suggests something coming soon – which we know as WWDC takes place from 10th June – but maybe also at speed. Could this be a clue to what we will see at the event? Most likely.

Apple WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

What we pretty much know we'll see the new features for Apple's main operating systems: iOS 18, iPadOS 18, TVOS 18, WatchOS 11, Mac OS 15 and VisionOS 2. We could also see some more hardware from Apple too, in the form of Macs, AirPods or even a smart ring. 

One area in which the speed reference would make sense is in the new M4 silicon chip that so far has only been featured in the new iPad Pro. This very speedy chip is likely to be added to the MacBook Pro models and the Mac Studio devices to bring them up to date. In which case we are likely to see an M4 Pro and M4 Max, and maybe even an M4 Ultra. 

We have also heard that the update to iOS18 and its variants is likely to be the biggest for some time. Therefore, the swift reference could be more about the speed of this new operating system. 

Apple could very well follow Google and return the WWDC keynote to a developer-focused presentation and leave the hardware out altogether. I somehow doubt it though. I think we will get far more than just some software chat on 10th June, and I can't wait to hear it. 

Mat Gallagher

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