Apple Vision Pro rival could fix the headset's biggest problems

Is that enough to get you to leave the world behind?

Apple Vision Pro
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The Apple Vision Pro has been out (in America only - boo!) for a couple of weeks now. Early impressions seem pretty positive, but if you intend to live in your new virtual world it does seem like you'll need some pretty strong neck muscles.

 There have been reports of customers returning their headsets because of the weight of the device on their faces. To be fair, if you pay $3499 for something, the last thing you want is to be in pain using it. It seems like Huawei however, is aiming to solve both these problems. {"data-model-name":"Meta Quest 3","data-widget-type":"review"}

According to tipster Li Nan on Weibo, the Chinese company is working on a competitor dubbed the 'Huawei Vision'. It seems this will be a lightweight version of the Vision Pro, in fact at a supposed 350g it's nearly half the bulk of the 600g Vision Pro. What won't be lighter however is your wallet, with rumours emerging that it could be half the price at $1750. 

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

How will Huawei manage to accomplish such a feat? Well, you'd think they'd have to skimp on the features, but the same Sony micro-OLED 4K panels will seemingly feature. One feature that admittedly won't reappear is the 'eyesight' display that shows a representation of the user's eyes. To be honest though, since learning that this is just a display and not an actual view of the user's eyes, I think this is a bit creepy and not something to miss.

Of course, one thing is for certain, it won't feature the same operating system and user experience of Apple's device which might be its biggest drawback. Provided Huawei develops its own equivalent framework, however, it could be a very tempting alternative. Then again, the Meta Quest 3, which Mark Zuckerberg thinks is better than the Vision Pro (funny that) is a fraction of the price of both headsets. It is capable of spatial video now to be fair. 

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