Apple Pencil Pro suddenly drops to lowest-ever price in first-ever sale

Upgrade the stylus for your iPad Pro or iPad Air

If you've just picked up a brand new iPad Air or iPad Pro, then the perfect accessory for your slate is the Apple Pencil Pro – a stylus that has just gone on sale for the first time, and is now at its lowest price in history over at Amazon.

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Of course we've done our due diligence to confirm this is indeed at the cheapest price it's ever been at, and if you've been holding off on a purchase then you've got one less excuse to pick it up at the new price of $119.

Apple Pencil Pro: was $129, now $119 at Amazon

Apple Pencil Pro: was $129, now $119 at Amazon

This is quite simply the best stylus Apple has ever made, and it's never been cheaper. It weighs in at a mere 0.68 ounces, and brings with it new support for gesture controls, as well as haptic feedback and magnetic charging so it couldn't be easier to recharge.

Of course a discount of $10 (or 8%) may not seem huge, but it's still the notable first drop we've seen for the Apple Pencil Pro. Apple is one of those brands that has products you don't find on sale very often, so any kind of discount is a positive.

The new features on this Apple Pencil include Barrel Roll, which changes the features available on the stylus as you rotate it in your fingers (you can change the brush shape, for instance); there's also a new squeeze functionality, which can be used to bring up menus.

Haptic feedback has been added too, for a stronger connection between you and your iPad – and to reiterate, this Apple Pencil Pro is only compatible with the iPad Pro released in 2024, and the iPad Air released in 2024. If you don't have one of those iPads, you're going to need a different Apple Pencil (or maybe it's time to upgrade).

The Apple Pencil Pro even adds support for the Apple Find My technology, so you can quickly find the stylus again when you've left it in a suitcase somewhere or it's rolled under a chair. It's a superb accessory for creatives using an iPad, and it's now its cheapest ever.

David Nield

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