Apple iPod sales slump 17 per cent as smartphones triumph

Rise in smartphones spells end for iPod and PMPs

iPhone sales save slumping iPod figures

Apple's much loved MP3 player the iPod has seen sales slump 17 per cent in the past year, the company has revealed via its latest quarterly earnings report.

Despite reporting record sales revenues and net profits during the three month period between January and March, sales of the iPod have dropped 17 per cent compared with the same period last year as multi-functioning high-end smartphones look to spell the end of the standalone PMP.

With the iPod series refreshed during its annual product cycle last September, Apple added dual cameras and FaceTime capabilities as well as a super slim form factor to the iPod Touch with both the Shuffle and Nano dropping inches as the latter added its first multitouch touchscreen display.

Poor sales of the iPod were cancelled out by strong performances elsewhere as Apple racked up 3.76 million Mac sales, a figure up 28 per cent on the previous year and 4.69 million iPad sales. The standout performer for the Q2 period, however, was the iPhone with 18.65 million sales marking a 113 per cent sales growth year-on-year.

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