Apple iPad 2 with webOS faster than on TouchPad

webOS team found it ran 2x faster on Apple tablet

HP dropping its hardware was a shock to everyone, not so much for the team behind webOS however. After trying it out on Apple's iPad 2 they realised the HP TouchPad was woefully underpowered.

Sources for website 'The Next Web' have discovered that apparently the team behind webOS had tested their operating system out on Apple's latest tablet and found that it ran two times faster than on their own HP TouchPad.

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The story goes on to reveal that the team were fully aware of just how underpowered their hardware was, heading over to Apple to find out what the webOS was fully capable of. By using it through the internet browser Safari they found that webOS functioned two times faster with the iPad's A5 architecture clearly being able to outrun the HP TouchPad's Snapdragon A8.

In some ways this should be reassuring news because it does indeed prove that HP's software is incredibly capable, outclassing the hardware its been coupled with. With the TouchPad and the Pre to become things of the past, can we expect to see webOS make a return on another manufacturer's handset, rumours suggest Samsung or HTC may be interested.

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Apple iPad 2 video

Source: The Next Web