Best Apple HomePod deal: a BIG price cut, free Apple Music, 2-year warranty

And a snowy white HomePod just in time for Christmas!

Apple HomePod deal

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, would you like an Apple HomePod deal and pay £40 quid less for that? We very much think so. It's almost up there with the £50 off a pair of Sonos One speakers as audio/home AI deals go.

John Lewis is the munificent retailer and for whatever reason – modesty perhaps – it's not even describing it as a HomePod DEAL. Though blatantly it is. 40 quid! 

Possibly what’s prompted this is that Apple is itself doing a deal on the HomePod at present: buy an Apple Music subscription and it will email you a voucher code for £50 off a HomePod. That’s pretty good but we prefer the simplicity of John Lewis’ deal, all things considered.

Apple HomePod £279 | Was £319 | Save £40

Apple's first smart speaker doesn't exactly smash it out of the park when it comes to home AI, due to the well known deficiencies of Siri. It's not bad in that department but where HomePod really excels is in the audio department. The looks are very stoosh too, as you'd expect from The Big A.

For such a compact little unit, HomePod throws out an incredible amount of bass, but without overwhelming the rich mids and honeyed treble. The result is almost comparable to Naim's fantastic (and slightly pricier, and slightly uglier, the unkind might say) Naim Mu-so Qb.

John Lewis & Partners' impressive £40 pre-Xmas price cut doesn't end with a financial saving. As usual, JL&P throws in a 2-year warranty and you also get 3 months of free Apple Music as part of your welcome package. 

Annoyingly, we have just discovered this deal is on the white HomePod only.View Deal

Now Curry's is price-matching!

Never one to take a rival's price cut lying down, Curry's has now jumped John Lewis & Partners' train and cut the price of the Apple HomePod to £279 too. So if you prefer shopping with them, now you can. They are also offering £20 off the space grey model of the HomePod, which is better than nowt.

It's highly unlikely you'll see a better Apple HomePod price cut this side of the Boxing Day sales – and by then it'll be too late to buy it as a Christmas present for someone (such as yourself).

Clearly, there's not much point buying a HomePod if you're not a fully paid-up member of the Apple and iOS fanclub. But if you do own an iPod, iPhone or iPad can you really feel as if your life is complete if you don't own one?