Apple could introduce matte black MacBooks and iPhones soon

It would add a cool new finish option to the Apple range

2023 Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch M2 Pro review
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While Apple products have always been great performers, at least some of their appeal is rooted in brilliant design, too. Products like the MacBook have become iconic in their own right, with the Apple logo emblazoned on a metal backdrop.

The same can be said for other products, too. The iPhone silhouette is massively distinctive, for example, while the Apple Watch is as much about fashion as it is functionality.

Now, products from across the Apple range could be set for a design shake up. That's because the brand could start to offer a matte black option on some of their devices.

The news relates to a patent originally filed in 2020. That detailed a special process for creating an anodized part on their phones, smartwatches, iPads and laptops, which was matte black in appearance. That patent has just been approved by the US Trademark and Patent Office.

It would be an exciting development for the brand. In particular, the MacBook range would benefit, having not had a matte black option for almost two decades. The current crop of devices have often been criticised for using a relatively plain suite of colours, which this might help to shake up.

Given the anodization process used to achieve this, it's definitely going to be reserved for metal panels on those devices. Expect to see it used on iPhone and iPad frames, Apple Watch cases, and MacBook chassis', then.

Oh, and don't expect to see it crop up on the iPhone 15 range, either. While the timing might cause a cynic to suggest something more is afoot, it seems more likely that it's just a coincidence. But for future releases, it's definitely something which could make an appearance.

It's a neat feature for Apple fans. Personally, the prospect of a matte black MacBook is exhilarating. I love the look of the Space Grey which has become something of an Apple staple, but it is starting to show its age. If Apple are going to shake things up, that matte black seems as good an option as any to use.

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