Antler launches new Icon luggage collection, featuring its biggest ever carry-on bag

The Antler Icon collection is stylish, sustainable and a must-have for your summer holidays

Antler Icon
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To celebrate its 110th anniversary, Antler has launched the new Icon collection. Made up of two suitcases and one backpack, Antler’s Icon line reinvents its classic Stripe silhouettes and launches its biggest ever carry-on.

Available in multiple sizes and colours, the Antler Icon collection is available to buy now with prices starting from £140.

Luxury British luggage maker, Antler is celebrating its 110th-year anniversary with the launch of its new Icon collection. Designed and crafted for frequent travellers, the Antler Icon collection comprises two suitcases and one backpack, including its biggest carry-on to date.

First founded in 1914, Antler has quickly become one of the most popular luggage, case and bag manufacturers on the market. With the summer holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to launch a new line of the best suitcases, which is exactly what Antler has done.

Antler Icon is a merging of “timeless design with unmatched durability”. In the new collection, you can find three distinct silhouettes, including the Icon Stripe suitcase, the Soft Stripe suitcase and the Discovery backpack, perfect for all your travelling needs and destinations. The most notable launch is the Icon Stripe which marks Antler’s biggest ever carry-on bag to date.

The Antler Icon Stripe comes in multiple sizes, including the new ‘Biggest Cabin’ size that’s ideal for long holidays and over packers. A hard shelled suitcase, the Icon Stripe has a durable and water-resistant exterior shell that’s made of high quality recycled polycarbonate. The interior of the Icon Stripe has plenty of storage compartments, including double-zip pockets and compression straps, to keep your belongings secure and in place during travelling.

For ease of movement, the Icon Stripe has Silent Glide 360 spinner wheels and comfort-grip handle. On the outside of the case is a secure locking mechanism and the design is a reimagining of the ‘Antler Stripe’ with multiple line grooves at the front of the hard case.

Antler Icon

(Image credit: Antler)

The next addition to the Antler Icon collection is the Icon Soft Stripe, a soft-shell suitcase that’s also Antler’s lightest option yet. Despite its lightweight design, the Icon Soft Stripe has plenty of capacity, with deep spacious compartments and internal pockets, and it's made using 100% recycled fabrics both on the inside and outside.

The third and final bag from the Icon collection is the Discovery Backpack. For weekend trips or daily commutes, the Discovery Backpack is a multi-purpose bag with – you guessed it – plenty of storage! It has internal dividers, a 16.15-inch laptop pocket, water bottle holder and a coloured cord on the exterior for extra space. Antler has also extended its range of travel accessories, including covers, straps, tags and packing cubes.

The new Antler Icon line is available in multiple sizes and colours, which draw inspiration from the British countryside, like Antler Green, Black, Moorland Pink and Heather Purple. Prices on the Antler Icon collection start at £140 and go up to £535.50 if you want a full Icon Stripe Set for your next holiday.

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