Anker's fantastic Rave Mini Speaker is just $100 at Walmart for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals have arrived earlier and we're very happy about it.

Anker Rave Mini Speaker Walmart Cyber Monday deals
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Cyber Monday 2019 is now officially upon us, with deals for consumer electronics arriving thick and fast before things really kick off tomorrow. Just as with Black Friday, everything is up for grabs, meaning the thing you thought was too expensive may not be within budget. 

T3 has spent the weekend searching the web for deals of all shapes and sizes to make sure that you aren't being charged too much for something you want. We've got deals for everything across the board, including smartphones, desktops, fitness accessories, fashion brands, kitchenware, and toys.

One deal that stuck out for us is for Anker's Rave Mini Speaker, which, as the name implies, is the perfect companion for lovers of tunes, especially for just $100.

Anker Rave Mini Speaker | Was $149 | Sale price $100 | Available now from Walmart

Anker Rave Mini Speaker | Was $149 | Sale price $100 | Available now from Walmart
Portable speakers are all the rage right now, for obvious reasons, and one of Anker's products is perfect: loud, cool looking, and pretty small and light. All for $100 for a limited time.

Being able to blast tunes on the go was, many people thought, something that died with the boombox era. Anker has different ideas, however, and the Rave Mini Speaker is a testament to that, packing a 5.25-inch woofer, 2-inch tweeter, and 5.25-inch passive radiator into a relatively small frame. 

The result is a really loud speaker that's perfect for any occasion that involves playing music outdoors. Anker includes its BassUp technology that boosts low-ends depending on the specific song. 

The Rave Mini also comes with its own built-in LED lights, which sync up to the music that's being played, adding an extra element to any party you attend with these. 

Max Slater-Robins

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