AMD's Ryzen 6000 for laptops leaked: Xbox Series X / PS5 graphics, more power and security, too

We're excited about what this means for the best laptops and best gaming laptops in 2022

AMD RDNA 2 Ryzen 6000 chip with PS5 / Xbox Series X graphics architecture
(Image credit: AMD)

CES 2022 has unwittingly given us some exciting news about the best laptops and best gaming laptops in 2022: AMD's much-anticipated Ryzen 6000 mobile processors will include AMD's RDNA 2 graphics architecture, which also powers the Xbox Series X and the PS5, and it'll have Microsoft's Pluton security architecture, too. That means the AMD-powered best laptops in 2022 will be more powerful, more efficient and more secure.

According to reports in 2021, the new generation of AMD Ryzens will deliver a "generational uplift" in gaming performance based just on their cache memory alone; with DDR5 RAM on board too, that means much better performance per watt – which is crucial when you're running on battery – as well as better performance in key features such as ray tracing.

What CES 2022 accidentally leaked about the Ryzen 6000

As PC World reports, CES accidentally confirmed the Ryzen 6000 mobile processor's features by giving it an award, an honorable mention in the CES 2022 Innovation Award. The award confirms features that were previously only rumoured: RDNA 2 graphics, DDR5, advanced AI audio processing and Microsoft's Pluton security processor.

In another leak, reported by, the full specs appear to have been published: there will be nine H series processors "for gamers and creators" and a further five U-series models prioritising "thin and powerful mobility". Both ranges will have processors with between 6 and 12 CPU cores at up to 2.4GHz. We'll find out for sure later today when AMD hosts its press event.

If you're looking for the best lightweight laptop, best gaming laptop or best laptop this year, this is exciting stuff: we're always hungry for more power, less bulk and better graphics, and these processors look poised to deliver all of that and more.

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