Amazon's #NowItsSummer store is now live!

Get amazing weather-reactive deals and recommendations to help you enjoy a tech-tastic summer season

Amazon has just launched its #NowItsSummer store, a brand new store that offers weather-reactive deals and recommendations to customers.

The store displays products from sun cream to flip flops to sunglasses and various pieces of technology to help customers get the products they want to enjoy the summer season. As the store is weather-reactive, it is not just traditional hot weather-related products that get in-store deals either, with things like umbrellas, anoraks and wellington boots also discounted if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Customers can also find products for new summer product and technology trends: portable barbequing is on the rise thanks to the growing popularity of gas barbeques for the garden, or portable units in the great outdoors, and these sort of tech products can also be found in Amazon's #NowItsSummer store. A such, if you need a waterproof action camera or new high-tech tent for summer exploration, it looks like this could be a good place to start looking.

The #NowItsSummer store has been launched by Amazon in preparation of June 4th, which according to its sales data between 2013 and 2016 was the day when summer-related products suddenly had a huge spike in sales, with a whopping 380 per cent increase. 

Speaking on the launch of the #NowItsSummer store, Amazon's Doug Gurr said that:

“The weather reactive #NowItsSummer store has products, TV shows, music playlists and books that dynamically relate to the weather conditions. Whether the sun inspires you to get summer garden party essentials or you need a fresh playlist for a run, or you suddenly need a new pair of wellies or films to download on your tablet for a worrying festival weather outlook, the #NowItsSummer store will offer everything you need to save the day.”

The best Amazon Lightning Deals on right now!

The etail giant always runs Lightning Deals and Best Deals that usually last until midnight. 

Lightning Deals run on products available at a discount, in limited quantities, for a short period of time.  

Amazon Prime members have an exclusive 30-minute early access period to all Lightning Deals – and that includes members on the 30 day trial.  

What about Amazon Prime Now?

Some deals will also be available through Prime Now, meaning that 30 per cent of the UK’s population can get their deals delivered in under two hours after ordering,  

You’ll be able to get great deals on gifts from TVs, phones, and audio products, to home accessories and fashion plus there will be awesome deals on some of the most popular toys of the year.

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The latest deals on Amazon gadgets

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a brilliant, voice-activated personal assistant so futuristic that its true purpose still lies in the future.  As a pure lump of hardware and software, Echo is really impressive. It's just great for your mum or your kids and its - albeit limited - range of abilities is instinctively easy to control. Children in particular will soon see talking to tech as completely normal. It's a proper 'family' gadget. 

Kindle Oasis

This extremely light weight kindle brings comfort to one-handed reading. So, if like me, you usually wake up to your book smashing you in the face, fear no more my friend. 

Weighing at 131 grams, that's apparently the weight of 13 £1 coins, it is the lightest kindle on the market. It's clever ergonomic grip shifts the centre of gravity to the palm of your hand, allowing comfortable one handed reading for hours. Left handed? No problem, it works for both left and right handed people. 

If you're old kindle is on its way out? Or you're still yet to convert from hardbacks? Black Friday could be a good opportunity for you to invest. The price may appear steep, but keep an eye on it, we're sure to see some great deals that won't leave you disappointed.

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV set-top box is compact to the point of invisibility. At 115m-square, 17.5mm deep only the tiny white LED light gives it away. The top box boast some game changing features from, a microphone remote with voice search recognition, accelerated streaming and an App store populated with games, real games! 

Priced at £75 he Amazon Fire is an attractive and affordable alternative to the Apple TV. The interface is intuitive and simple, that even your gran would be comfortable using it. 

On Black Friday (where Amazon is likely to be pushing its fruitful Prime subscription service, tied to the best elements of the Fire TV box), we wouldn’t be surprised to see this get a hefty discount.

Amazon Fire and Amazon Fire HD 8 

Looking for a tablet that you can take out and about without making you weak at the knees? Then I introduce to you, the Amazon Fire Tablet - our pick of which is the latest Amazon Fire HD 8 for £85

As an alternative, the 7-inch, 8GB Amazon Fire tablet can take quite a beating for its £49.99 price tag. And as a loss-leading device for Amazon we predict some attractive deals this Black Friday. 

Amazon Echo Dot

When Amazon released their smart speaker, Echo, over a year ago, we were excited to meet Alexa, Amazon very own Siri, but also how the speaker would develop. Fast forward, 18 months and we are witnessing the evolution of the Echo with the launch of the Echo Dot. 

Shaped like a hockey puck, the Echo Dot makes the Echo appear huge in comparison. Thanks to Amazon listening to customers questions, 'can't we just connect the Echo to our existing hi-fi? The Dot has all the versatile of the Echo, and the brains of Alexa, just minis the internal speaker. 

Not only is the Echo Dot smaller, it is also cheaper and at less than £50 we already feel its worth the price tag. But wait a week or so and we believe it will become even cheaper as prices get cut for Black Friday. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you weren't quite sold on Amazon's Fire TV or you don't have a 4K TV, then the USB sized Amazon Fire Stick could be the gadget for you. 

Like the size, the price tag is small, making it a budget friendly way of catching up on your favourite TV series. And don't be surprised to see prices hacked even more for Black Friday itself. 

Though it is not essential that you have Amazon Prime, you can get a lot more fire from the TV stick if you have an account. Like access to Amazon Prime Videos, a rival to Netflix.

Better still, Alexa can now help you find your favourite shows as the stick has been recently updated using the same voice-activated remote that’s used with the bigger Fire TV. 

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