Amazon's best superhero show just shared some tasty teasers

The Boys are (nearly) back in town for another season of sweary superhero madness

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys
(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

If like me you're a fan of The Boys, Amazon Prime's gritty and often hilariously horrible superhero show, you're probably wondering when we'll finally get to see The Boys season 4. I can't tell you when that is just yet, sadly. But I can tell you that they've filmed the Season 4 finale and have posted teasing tweets to prove it.

As reported by, creator Eric Kripke posted an image online of Vought Farms-branded potted meat - a kind of superhero SPAM – from the filming of the finale, claiming that it is "everything a growing Supe needs". 

Amazon Prime Video responded in the comments with another image, this time of Timothy the octopus on a plate with the message "No thanks, we brought our own snacks". If you've seen season 3 you'll know that Timothy is a very good friend of The Deep, so this kind of mollusc-related madness is entirely on brand for the show.

When can we stream Season 4 of The Boys?

Amazon hasn't said yet, but if they've filmed the finale then hopefully we won't have to wait too long. Production for season 4 started last August, and if that's filming wrapped then Amazon will no doubt want to put it online as soon it can. The Boys is hugely popular with critics and audiences alike, with multiple Emmy award nominations for its often unhinged and ridiculously violent episodes. Kripke has  strongly suggested that there will be a season 5 too.

I hope so, because in its three seasons so far The Boys has been one of the biggest, daftest, most entertaining superhero shows around, and season 3 seemed to take great delight in putting things on screen that made me jump off the sofa in horrified hilarity. If you haven't already seen it the first three seasons are on Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to The Boys, there's a spin-off series too: Gen V, whose trailer is embedded below. It's coming to Prime Video this year and looks to be just as awful as the main show. And I mean that in the best possible way.

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