Amazon slashes price of popular Garmin smartwatch ahead of Prime Day

It's their best fitness tracking watch

Garmin Venu 2
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If you’ve been looking to nab one of the best Garmin watches for a while now, there’s no better time than the present. Why? Amazon Prime Day 2 and Black Friday are right around the corner, with great deals on top tech, which also means cheap Garmin deals

We’ve got good news though, you don’t have to wait until then, as Amazon has just slashed the price of one of Garmin’s top watches – the Venu 2 – and, if you’re particularly into your fitness, it’s one worth taking a look at.

Garmin Venu 2: was $399.99, now $259.99 at Amazon

Garmin Venu 2: was $399.99, now $259.99 at Amazon

Save 31% on this stunning fitness smartwatch with up to 11 days of battery life, preloaded workouts, such as yoga, strength and Pilates, and memory to store songs from Spotify and Deezer offline. 

Garmin Venu 2: was £349.99, now £289.99 at Amazon

Garmin Venu 2: was £349.99, now £289.99 at Amazon

With pre-loaded workouts, new training modes, long-battery life and a new health snapshot feature, this Garmin watch is perfect for fitness fanatics. Save 17%

One thing we love about the Venu 2 is that it’s actually a good-looking sports watch, with a stunning AMOLED screen and one that we think you'd be proud to wear all the time. It’s also got some pretty cool health and fitness features, which is why we said it was the best Garmin watch for fitness tracking in our Garmin watch guide. We also awarded it five stars when we reviewed it

It comes with 25 pre-loaded indoor and outdoor sports that you can track, as well as animated workouts for cardio training, yoga, strength training, HIIT and Pilates. There’s some cool new workout modes too. This includes things like muscle maps and bouldering mode, so you can see what muscles have been used during your resistance training, or how hard a wall is that you’re about to climb (pretty neat). 

Its Health Snapshot feature is also handy if you want to just get a quick idea of how your body’s doing that day, as it provides you with just that: a snapshot of your health metrics, including heart rate, SpO2, respiration and stress levels as well as heart rate variability estimations.

The battery life is pretty fantastic too (up to 11 days); the touch screen controls work seamlessly. Plus, you can download up to 650 songs from your Spotify, Amazon or Deezer – who wants to work out in silence anyway?

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