Amazon PS5 UK launch stock update: PlayStation 5 consoles available TODAY!

It's the rest of the world's chance to pick up a PS5 today, including in the UK. Find out when to bag a console at Amazon

Amazon PS5 UK launch where to buy order
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The PS5 is having its final roll out today, getting its initial launch last week, and releasing in the remaining regions today, which includes the UK and Europe.

Buy a PS5 at Amazon UK

Retailers are shifting their launch day stock online, so there'll be no securing a place in a queue to get hold of one. Luckily, not everyone is dropping their stock at the same time, and Amazon is amongst a handful of online retailers that will be going live with its inventory at lunchtime today. 

So if you missed out on this morning's rush, there's another chance to bag yourself a next-gen console at 12PM GMT/ 1PM CEST on Amazon in the UK and Europe

Buy a PS5 at Amazon UK
Amazon's European PS5 drop is happening this afternoon at 12PM GMT/ 1PM CEST. The PS5 page currently directs customers to the DualSense controller, but we expect it'll update this later today when the stock is ready to buy. View Deal

Amazon emailed its customers in the UK, Spain, and Italy to tell them that the PS5 will be available today, but with limited stock available, you'll have to act fast. 

Be warned though, that even if you do nab one, you might not have your console shipped straight away. One Twitter user shared the email they received from Amazon that had this to say about delivery:

"We will make every effort to deliver all orders as soon as possible. If you order, we will email you with an estimated delivery date. However, this may be subject to change."

Amazon had a similar situation with its Xbox Series X pre-order customers, with some not receiving their consoles on launch day. In some cases, customers have been told that they could be waiting until the end of December to see their new hardware.

While the Xbox is in slightly more precarious situation than the PS5, with months of shortages predicted that could carry on until next year. The PS5 has a more positive outlook, with Sony's Jim Ryan promising more consoles will be on the way both before and after Christmas.    

In the meantime, be sure to stock up on PS5 games so you can appreciate that next-gen goodness when your PS5 finally arrives! You may even find more consoles available during Black Friday, so be sure to check out our Black Friday deals to keep up to speed.

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