Amazon provides a clue to Prime Day 2022 date

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is coming up and we might have some more clues about when

Amazon Prime Day 2022
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon has apparently given us a big clue for when Prime Day 2022 will happen. 

In a new post for sellers (spotted by Digital Commerce 360), the shopping deals bonanza is likely to fall on either July 11 or July 18, both of which are Fridays.

Amazon has given its sellers a cut-off date of June 20 for deliveries that will be eligible for Prime shipping. Analysts that spoke to DC360 suggested this means that the Prime Day sales will happen within weeks, most likely on those dates.

In previous years, the inventory cut-off date has been around 24 days before Prime Day, to give everyone involved ample time to plan for the avalanche of sales. According to the same analyst, July 11 is the most likely date, so put that in your calendar.

"Barring any major any setback, and based on the data and the timing of the information on Seller Central, all the stars are lining up for July 11 or 18," said analyst Fahim Naim, head of Amazon at Advantage Unified Commerce.

Another option would be to have Prime Day on July 4, but for obvious reasons that isn't possible. Expecting people to participate in a sales holiday on Independence Day is a long-shot.

The new information also lines up with T3's own predictions. Prime Day veteran Paul Douglas predicted July 11 and July 12 as the most likely days – and must be feeling pretty satisfied right now.

What to expect from Prime Day 2022? 

We're expecting very big things!

Amazon usually has a lot of discounts and deals on Prime Day, especially if Prime Day 2021 was anything to go by. Expect big discounts on Amazon's Kindles, eero, and more, as well as extensive deals from third-party retailers.

If you're looking to shop one of the very best sales of the year then this is the holiday for you. Well, until Black Friday 2022 comes around, of course.

Make sure to bookmark our Amazon Prime Day 2022 hub for all the latest updates. 

Max Slater-Robins

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