Amazon Prime Day postponed in Canada due to COVID-19 announced that Prime Day would not be happening in Canada this week due to the impact of COVID-19 and the safety of its employees

Amazon Canada Prime Day
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While Prime Day is in full force right now across much of the globe, including the US and UK, Amazon Canada has chosen to postpone the sale. According to the announcement on, the decision was made to focus on the safety of its employees and to support its customers and selling partners.

This means that while we in the UK and US are snapping up the best Prime Day deals, our friends north of the border won’t be seeing any savings. The logistics behind getting the massive increase in sales out to the customers means lots more staff in warehouses and out delivering the boxes.

Though Canada’s COVID-19 cases have dropped in recent months, only 18% of the nation are fully vaccinated and its borders with the US remain closed. Hopefully, Canada will still see a Prime Day later in the year and will make us all jealous when it does. For now though, we’ll try and save you a few Fire TVs.

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