Amazon Prime Day dash cam deal: Nextbase 522GW is just £140 right now

T3 Awards winner Nextbase has reduced its Series 2 dash cam for Amazon Prime Day

Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cam Amazon Prime Day deals 2020
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The second day of Amazon Prime Day deals is now officially upon us with discounts on everything from tech to fashion to fitness. You name it, there's a deal. One that caught our eye was for T3 Awards winner Nextbase 522GW Series 2 Dash Camera, which is reduced to £139.95.

Having a dash cam is handy for all sorts of reasons, and not just to film crazy things happening on your drive home. Having a record of everything that happens to your car is important for insurance reasons and the Nextbase Series 2 is the perfect way to do it.

To start with, there's 1440p/30fps and 1080P/60fps recording with a 140° wide angle lens to capture the full extent of the road. WiFi and Bluetooth are built-in, making exporting videos really simple, and Alexa is on hand for commands.

GPS is onboard, too, meaning all of your videos are location-tagged for extra authenticity. An SOS mode can quickly alert emergency services to your location should that be needed. There's also support for plugging in additional camera modules, for example on the back of your vehicle.

Fundamentally, the Nextbase 522GW offers peace of mind for motorists alongside great video quality and easy setup.

Nextbase 522GW Series 2

Nextbase 522GW Series 2 | £139.95 from Amazon
The best dash cam on the market by far, the Nextbase 522GW does everything you could possibly need and more, from taking 1080p video to calling emergency services on your behalf. It's basically perfect and reduced for Amazon Prime Day.

Make no mistake: having a dash cam in the unfortunately case of having an accident on the road will make life a lot easy. Don't miss out on this Nextbase 522GW deal.

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