Amazon Prime Day arrived early with these fitness deals that will lighten up your gloomy Friday

Cash in on these Amazon Prime Day deals deals early if you have a Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime Day fitness deals
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You don't have to wait until Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) for a good deal, Amazon has already started churning out great deals like sausages. These Prime Day deals are available NOW for Prime members, and if you aren't a Prime member just yet, today's the day when you should sign up for free.

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As well as being able to access discounts earlier than non-Prime members, you also get access to a vast library of TV shows and movies (The Boys!), Prime Music and free fast delivery with Amazon Prime. And yes, by signing up, you also get to purchase these rustproof Ultranatura Hammock Frame Screw Set for 20% cheaper. Bargain.

Best early Amazon Prime Day fitness deals


Ultrasport Multifunctional Door Pull-Up Bar | On sale for £19.99 | Was £24.99 | Save £5 with Amazon Prime
Pull up bars are perfect in rented properties and for people who can't be bothered to drill the walls in order to set up a pull up station. Doing pull ups regularly can give you that nice V-taper and improve grip strength too. Please do bear in mind that the max. user weight is 80 kg and a flimsy door frame can make that number even lower.


AmazonBasics Exercise Rope | On sale for £67.60 | Was £84.49 | You save £16.90 with Amazon Prime
These are not your average skipping ropes: the AmazonBasics Exercise Rope doubles up a battle rope as it is heavier and thicker than standard skipping ropes. Doing skipping with these will make you use your arm and back muscles way more as they are heavier. Get ripped AND improve cardiovascular health with AmazonBasics Exercise Rope.


Ultrasport Trampoline | On sale for £78.96 | Was £98.66 | You save £19.70 with Amazon Prime
Who said workouts need workouts need to be boring? Using the Ultrasport Trampoline, you can train those glutes like a pro, in a fun way. Choose between 'soft' and 'hard' models, the latter providing more resistance and therefore more gains. The handle provides a secure workout too.


Ultrasport Men's Endurance Spilsby T-Shirt | On sale for £14.77 | Was £18.47 | You save £3.70 with Amazon Prime
This Ultrasport t-shirt not only looks pretty cool but it's also breathable and moisture regulating so you can wear it for exercising as well as on the street. One reviewer at Amazon said "This is a quality t-shirt, and ... a bit clingy so I gave to my nephew, good value and worth it if you have a slim gut". Just so you know.

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