Amazon Echo Frames get major audio and battery life upgrades

Add Alexa to your glasses with the new and improved Echo Frames

Echo Frames
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Amazon has just announced its new and improved Echo Frames during its product announcement event.

The concept of smart glasses are still relatively new, despite the likes of Apple, BMW and Facebook x Rayban having their own pairs on the market. Never one to be left behind or outdone, Amazon launched its own Echo Frames in 2020, and now it’s releasing its all-new Echo Frames and Carrera Smart Glasses collection, a combination of fashion with Alexa artificial intelligence.

The all-new Echo Frames give hands-free access to Alexa, directly to your ears. With thinner temples than before, the glasses fit comfortably to the face, and the arms deliver more sound to the ears, with the speaker located on the inside. In terms of comfort, the glasses have adjustable temple tips that are made of soft-touch silicone that's lightweight and comfortable behind the ear. The new glasses deliver balanced sound and less distortion that’s far superior than its predecessor.

These new smart glasses are packed with smart features, including a custom-built speaker driver, and multipoint pairing, where you can pair and switch between two audio sources connected to the glasses without messing with the settings. You can also start a playlist with a double click of a button, filter notifications and locate the Echo Frames if you misplace them!

For the new Echo Frames, Amazon has improved its custom built speech technology, making it easier to speak to Alexa while on the go. If you need to ask Alexa a question while on a busy street, the new smart glasses have 10 times better voice recognition so it can hear you even in loud, rainy or windy conditions. 

Echo Frames

(Image credit: Amazon)

The main upgrade that will excite many Echo Frames wearers is the improved battery life. Now, the smart glasses have increased talk time and media playback so you can wear them all day long without worrying too much about rushing over to a charger. Each pair has up to six hours of continuous media playback on a full charge with up to 80% more continuous talk time than before.

The new Amazon Echo Frames are in collaboration with Carrera eyewear, providing both style and UV protection. The new glasses are available in seven new styles, including sunglasses, prescription lenses and blue light glasses. Other designs include the Modern Rectangle, Rectangle, Round, Square, Cat Eye, Carrera Cruiser, and Carrera Sprinter. All come with UV400 protection and are IPX4 water resistant and scratch resistant.

These new updates on the Echo Frames will appeal to many glasses wearers, especially for taking and making calls on the go, and listening to music without having to fiddle around with headphones (or if you’ve lost your earbuds again!).

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