Best Cyber Monday Shark vacuum cleaner deals

It’s quite the week to bag a mega bargain on the Shark vacuum cleaner front with big discounts on stick and upright machines

Shark Cyber Monday deals
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As expected with such a hugely popular brand, the Shark best Black Friday deals are coming thick and fast this week. So if you're in the market for a new cleaning sensation then pick your way down our page full of best deals.

Shark vacuums consistently gets the thumbs up from consumers for their brilliant suction properties and innovative features. Choose from cordless or corded and upright or stick as Shark has a model to match all requirements.

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Crucially, if you feel like you're constantly battling against a tide of dust and, more noticeably, pet hair then a Shark is the way to go. It’ll get rid of the lot, and pet hair won't get tangled round the rollers either thanks to Shark’s much-praised anti-tangle technology.

Onwards then, to the deals!

Shark Black Friday deals

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology, Pet Model | Was £269.00 | Now £229.00 | Save £100.99
Talking of pesky pet hair, the huge discount on this one makes it a no-brainer. You can’t quibble with over £100 off and this is a pet-specific model, meaning there’s the anti-hair wrap tech and the ability to make pooch fluff disappear in seconds. It’s got a super long 10-metre cord, features Flexology, or bendiness for awkward areas and is suited to any kind of surface. Brilliant.View Deal

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner | Was £349.00 | Now £199.00 | Save £150.99
This cordless stick model has over £150 off and it’s a regular Amazon’s Choice star turn too. You get 40-minutes of run time, sublime suction, the DuoClean head works on all types of floor and Flexology tech lets you get into those tricky corners. Naturally, there’s anti hair wrap technology here too, so as bargain vacuums go this is up there with the best of ‘em.View Deal


Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IZ251UKT] | RRP £479.99 | Now £296.90 | Save £183.09
Another brilliant bargain if you’re looking at Shark stick vacuums. This boasts 80-minutes of runtime, features a pet tool for taking on as much loose hair as you like and offers the convenience of no cord. Twin batteries, anti-hair wrap technology and a DuoClean design for all kinds of floor rounds out the package. Little wonder it’s an Amazon best seller.View Deal

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner | RRP £349.99 | Now £196.90 | Save £153.09
If you’re after an upright Shark model then this one is it. An Amazon Choice stalwart, there’s a big £153.09 saving on it currently. The upright can tackle pet hair, comes with powered lift-away and anti-hair wrap technology and a DuoClean head. Incredibly versatile, this Shark also comes with 3 attachments and LED headlights for those dark and dusty recesses. What a machine.View Deal

Some very good reasons why we think you should buy a Shark vacuum...

There are plenty of reasons why Shark vacuums continue to sell so well and it’s not just from their high-profile advertising on telly. Shark vacuums feature, as you’d hope, exceptional suction power with many converts to the brand reckoning that the machines pick up far more dust, dirt and detritus than many other leading brands.

There’s the convenience factor of these machines too, with upright or cordless to choose from depending on the preference. They're bagless, and can be emptied with ease, straight into your big bin. Some models have even got headlights, which helps in darkened rooms when there’s too much dust to bear with the main lights on.

And, of course, a Shark can tackle any kind of surface, from thick carpets and rugs through to wood and laminate floors. Innovative design features mean you can take many of them apart, for tackling stairs and cupboards unhindered, while the anti-hair technology is a big hit with everyone. If you’ve got a pet that likes to drop hair everywhere then consider a Shark an essential.

They're just great all-round vacuums basically.


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