This Samsung Black Friday dishwasher deal is so good I've just bought one myself

Get 52% off a Series 5 Samsung dishwasher with 13 place settings

Samsung dishwasher deal
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If you've read our feature on what the T3 team are buying this Black Friday, you might have spotted that the product I was most looking out for was a replacement to my freestanding dishwasher, which gave up the ghost recently. And thankfully, I have found exactly what I'd hoped.

The Samsung DW60M5050FS/EU Series 5 Dishwasher (in stainless steel) has a mighty 52% off the usual price, which means it's now under £300. It's such a good deal that I snapped it up immediately.

However, rather than hog the excitement, I thought I'd share it, in case you're also in the market for a new machine in the Black Friday sales.

Samsung DW60M5050FS/EU Series 5 Dishwasher: was £619.99, now £299.99 at Amazon

Samsung DW60M5050FS/EU Series 5 Dishwasher: was £619.99, now £299.99 at Amazon
Samsung Series 5 freestanding, full size dishwasher is capable of a full wash and dry cycle of just 60 minutes, and can also be set to run a half load without expending too much energy. It has 13 place settings and an extra hygenic deep clean mode too.

Amazon has some amazing deals on larger kitchen appliances across the board, with further deals on Samsung white goods, plus Hoover, Candy, Miele, Hisense and many more.

There are plenty of fridge freezer deals, for example. With American-style units and even smaller fridges for drinks.

And if you're not really looking for anything quite so big, there are also many deals on microwaves, ovens and air fryers.

Amazon can also offer installation and the recycling of old appliances, which is something I've paid £60 extra for to relieve the stress when the dishwasher arrives. It won't stop me scouring all the deals across retailers for other items, but this Black Friday has proved very timely for me so far.

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