All you need is a dumbbell for these four booty building exercises

And they're all PT-approved

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Having strong glutes should be part of everyone’s fitness regimes — after all, it is the biggest muscle group in our body — and now, it’s easier than ever to achieve this at home. All you need is a pair of the best dumbbells and these four PT-approved exercises.

As we’ve mentioned, the glute is pretty important and more than just about aesthetics. According to Altrincham Physiotherapy the role of the glute is to stabilise the pelvis and the hip: “The gluteus maximus controls the movement of the hip and the gluteus medius controls the movement of your pelvis. Without the stability of these muscles there can be a mechanical overload of the pelvis which affects the rest of the body.” If you feel stiff when standing after having sat at a desk all day, your glutes have most probably become inactive and are weakened. This can then cause pain in your back as it takes over the job your glutes are meant to do. So, if you’re a desk worker, these exercises are great for you too.

Although this personal trainer is performing these glute exercises with a Smith machine, we suggest you use either a single dumbbell, or pair of dumbbells, to make the moves accessible to do from home. Do 10 to 12 reps for three to four rounds of each exercise and give yourself a little rest before you move onto the next one. Don't rush either, keep the movement nice and controlled to really increase that mind-muscle connection. Here's what you've got to do:

  • Squats — Either hold one dumbbell to your chest or two just above your shoulders. Also, check out our guide on how to master squats.
  • Romanian deadlift — Also great for your hamstrings. This is a hinge movement; keep a slight bend in your knees and imagine you're trying to get your bum to touch an imaginary wall behind it.
  • Split squats — Use either a chair or your sofa to prop your foot on and remember to push through the heel.
  • Donkey kicks —  Pop one dumbbell between the back of your hamstring and quad and squeeze together so it stays there while you kick.

If you don't yet own a pair of dumbbells and don't have a lot of free space, then a pair of adjustable dumbbells may be a better purchase for you. We've also got a 20 minute bodyweight glute workout that you may want to check out and a low-impact glute workout, if you need something that's a little easier on your joints.

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