15-minute and this bodyweight low-impact workout to build thigh and glute muscles

No equipment? No problem! This fast home workout will help you strengthen your lower body

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Want a more muscular butt but haven't got the time to exercise? Check out this low-impact thigh and glute workout that can help tone and sculpt your lower body fast. Incorporating glute exercises into your schedule can provide considerable benefits – apart from making your butt look rounder, of course – such as strengthening your hip extension, improved knee tracking and lowering your susceptibility to hamstring injuries. Long story short, strengthening your glutes can help enhance your athletic performance, as you'll be to generate more power from a standing position. Now, do the workout:

This workout is by Canadian fitness trainer Maddie Lymburner, who invites us to complete numerous strength and toning exercises targeting your thighs and glutes. Each movement should be completed for 45 seconds, followed by a 5-10 second rest.

  • Sumo squat 
  • Center squat 
  • Side lunges R 
  • Side lunges L 
  • Outer to inner thigh leg lifts R  
  • Outer to inner thigh leg lifts L 
  • Clamshell pulses 
  • Arabesque knee-to-elbow R
  • Pulse R 
  • Inner thigh lifts L
  • Pulse L
  • Arabesque knee-to-elbow L
  • Pulse L 
  • Inner thigh lifts R 
  • Pulse R 
  • Kneeling-to-outer thigh lifts L 
  • Fire hydrants L 
  • Kneeling outer thigh lifts R 
  • Fire hydrants R
  • Glute bridges on toes 
  • Clamshell bridges 
  • Glute bridges/clamshell bridges

Want to go further with full-body workouts? Then we recommend trying this low-impact cardio and core HIIT class. Would you rather build calf muscles? We have the perfect 10-minute, no-equipment standing routine for you. For more information on workouts, you must read our guide on the best push-pull-leg workouts. Although this is a no-equipment workout, for added resistance, you can add a resistance band to the mix. Here are the best resistance bands on the market to choose from. 

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