Adidas x Allbirds running shoes available in four new colourways and they look stunning

The ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E looks as pretty in real life as it does in the pictures

ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E feature photo
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Today is a big day, at least for two brands, Adidas and Allbirds, as it marks the release of the latest iteration of their low carbon emission shoes, the ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E. Announced last year, the new shoes are an evolution of the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT and "seek to demonstrate that low-carbon running shoes can be delivered at scale", as Adidas explains.

Other brands also have their low-carbon or even carbon-neutral running shoes – such as the Brooks Ghost 14 – but what makes the ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E different is that it combines sustainability, performance and style. In fact, this new iteration is the lowest carbon performance shoe Adidas or Allbirds have ever created!

I've been lucky enough to be sent a pair by Adidas and let me tell you, they look as sexy as they do in the pictures. A real beaut.

ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E: Price and availability

The ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E is available to buy from today, 12 April 2022, for a recommended retail price of $120 (or equivalent local currency).

The ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E will come in four new colourways including Core Black/ Bliss, Cloud White/ Carbon, Core Black/ Acid Red and Allbirds’ exclusive colourway. Each shoe has been coloured with no dye - a method that uses the material’s natural colour to help reduce water consumption.

The four colours will have availability via Adidas or Allbirds, the Adidas and Allbirds apps and select Adidas and Allbirds stores (timing and availability may vary by market).


The Bio-based EVA midsole of the ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E is made with 17% plant-based content derived from sugarcane, offering a low-carbon component developed in part with natural materials. The sockliner uses 46% bio-based sugarcane content, and the tongue and heel foam uses 17%.

The outsole has been made with 10% recycled rubber and has a thickness of 1-1.2mm. The shoe has no torsion bar to save material and is highly flexible as a result.

As Adidas explains, "the upper and the outsole construction are inspired by the Tangram Principle – a design method that creates the visual impression that the upper material and the outsoles have been put together like a puzzle of individual parts." This means less scrap is produced.

The upper is made with 77% recycled polyester and 23% natural lyocell—a fibre made from sustainably grown wood—designed to create a smooth, lightweight upper that lives up to performance expectations with a reduced carbon impact.

For more info on the shoes, visit Adidas today.

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