Adidas Velosamba: cycling shoes disguised as sneakers for the style-conscious urban rider

Ride in style with the new Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes

adidas Velosamba price release date
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Adidas is really making an effort to re-establish itself as go-to cycling shoes manufacturer (again). The latest addition to the ever expanding Adidas cycling shoes collection, the Adidas Velosamba, is aimed at urban riders who would like to enjoy the benefits of cycling shoes without compromising on style.

Adidas describes the Velosamba as a "combination of the iconic style of the Samba with cycling tooling to provide a versatile experience for cyclists". You probably won't be riding full-on road bikes in the shoes, not like that was Adidas' intention anyway. For commuting and lighter weekend rides, the Velosamba will provide enough versatility both on and off the bike.

From what we can tell, Adidas hit the nail on the head with the Velosamba.

Adidas Velosamba: price and release date

The Adidas Velosamba is available to purchase online at adidas US and adidas UK and via the adidas app from 1 March 2021. The Adidas Velosamba has a recommended retail price of $120 / £100.

The Velosamba is available in four separate colourways to start off with.

Adidas Velosamba: main features

The Velosamba shoe is Adidas' first city cycling footwear, featuring a two-bolt clip-in system "designed to meet the needs of a new generation of cyclists and clip more people into bikes". 

As Adidas explains, the ambition behind Velosamba was to "create a shoe that fused iconic street style with the best outsole technology, providing a seamless experience both on and off the bike that enables wearers to be more agile and shift from bike to foot with ease."

The shoes feature a recycled nylon insole board for extra stiffness plus a fully integrated rubber cup outsole with a cut-out window for the two-bolt cleat, which is said to be hard-wearing and provides a "seamless transition for wearers to explore on-foot". The Velosamba also provides some visibility thanks to its reflective three stripes and heel detail.

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