Tom Daley looks hot as a firecracker in Adidas’ official Paris Olympics Team GB kit

Yet the team kit looks less controversial than Nike’s recently announced set

Adidas Team GB Paris Olympics Kit revealed
(Image credit: Adidas)

It’s that time of year when the biggest athletic apparel and footwear corporations unveil their team kits for this year’s Olympics, which will take place in Paris between 26 July and 11 August 2024.

Adidas has now entered the arena following Nike’s recent and controversial unveiling. The Oregon-based sports giant faced backlash for some of the women’s outfits, which were deemed too revealing, as reported by The Guardian.

Since then, many Nike-sponsored athletes have stepped up to support the design. The company and the American national governing body, USATF, also claim that athletes were consulted during the design process, according to NPR.

Adidas’ kit, in contrast, appears more conservative, with no pieces seemingly designed to reveal more skin than necessary.

Notably, Tom Daley’s swimming briefs, a testament to his rigorous training for the Olympics, caught our eye. Of course, the briefs aren’t just an aesthetic choice; full-body swimsuits were banned from competitions in 2010.

“Heading into my fifth Olympics, I can genuinely say that nothing compares to competing in my Team GB kit, knowing that all the training I've done is gearing towards hopefully winning a medal for my country,” said Daley. “This new kit totally sums up that special feeling, and I cannot wait to wear it in Paris this Summer”.

Adidas Team GB Paris Olympics Kit revealed

(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas' competition wear, across 15 officially sponsored teams, is a vibrant display of bold graphics and fonts. In a significant move, the brand says 86% of its designs adhere to universal design principles, ensuring comfort and inclusivity for all athletes, regardless of their sport or body type.

Team GB and ParalympicsGB attire pay homage to tradition with classic red, white, and blue, while dynamic colour blocking adds a modern twist. The collection features a nod to sporting heritage with a vintage-inspired typeface complemented by tactile graphics that embody the fiery spirit of competition.

In addition to team kits, adidas unveils the 2024 athlete pack, a lineup of 49 footwear designs tailored for athletes in 41 diverse disciplines. With over 20 styles anticipated to grace the field this summer, each shoe features a bold orange and pink outsole, igniting against a sleek black upper.

Select adidas team collections are available from 19 April at Adidas and via the adidas app.

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