Adidas Go creates Spotify playlists using your feet

Run this town tonight

Adidas' new app brings a new dimension to running, as a tie in with the popular music streamer will help runners trot faster.

Adidas Go uses the beat of your feet to work out which songs should be played next, drawing from Spotify's massive library of tracks to deliver a relevant tune.

The app, which is iOS only at launch (compatible with iPhone 4S and above), uses the phone's accelerometer to define your stride rate and chooses tracks to match, helping you keep going when you've hit a decent rhythm.

And the best bit for the lazy runner in all of us: you don't even have to set up a playlist before running, with the app using your current songs to decide on relevant songs and artists that it thinks you'll like, helping you discover new music on a morning jog.

When you're home and sweating you can save the run to Adidas' MiCoach program, as well as see which songs you listened to on the run and save them to Spotify too.

And the beat goes on

Users will need Spotify Premium to use the service, but anyone trying out the app without a subscription will get a week's listening for free, after which they'll have the option to sign up or use their music library on the phone to get beats on the go.

We've contacted Adidas to find out of the app will scan your music library to detect BPM – otherwise the app will be rather weird if you didn't have Spotify and were just listening to your own music.

Adidas Go joins a growing number of services that are finally making use of sensors in your phone and smartwatch to use music to improve your running. RockMyRun is a similar app, but has additional benefits as it can use your heart rate to improve the speed of tracks.

What's more, RockMyRun will simply speed up the tempo of the song you're listening to, so if you're into a spot of AronChupa's Albatraoz and want to speed up, the app will help you out. However, this app uses pre-made mixes, rather than tapping into the wealth of Spotify, so is less useful for trying new music.

Adidas Go is free and available today from the App Store.