Acer's SpatialLabs Eyes camera could help drive a 3D resurgence

This unique camera packs a lot of tech in

Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera
(Image credit: Acer)
Quick Summary

Acer has a new pocket-sized 3D camera to let you take stereoscopic photos and video.

It's small and niche, but looks like a really cool bit of tech. 

Acer has expanded its curious SpatialLabs range of products with a brand-new 3D camera, the somewhat clunkily named Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera. 

The compact camera looks like few others on the market thanks to its twin lenses and lets photographers capture moments in full stereoscopic 3D, something that very few others on the market can affordably offer. 

It also means that if you've picked up one of Acer's devices with a SpatialLabs display capable of viewing 3D content, you'll have a way to capture content for that device. 

Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera

(Image credit: Acer)

The camera is pocket-sized and has weatherproofing to ensure that it isn't too fragile, although we haven't been provided with a precise IP rating, and it looks straightforward to point and shoot with.

There are two 8MP sensors, one per "eye", and also a selfie mirror to make it easier to shoot selfie content in lieu of a rotating or flip-up display. There is a small display on the back, though, to make it easier to frame your shots and videos. 

This touchscreen lets you choose your focal point, while a manual mode offers more control over the likes of ISO, white balance and more. 

Acer's specs make it look like you'll be able to capture 4K images and video, which is impressive. Battery life looks a little flimsy, though, with around 180 photos or 37 minutes of video capture enough to drain it before you recharge via USB-C. 

Interestingly, Acer says that later in the year it'll bring out a new video calling widget for the camera's companion software that will let you use it as a 3D webcam in the likes of Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. 

The Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera will apparently launch in North America in Q3 of 2024, so in a few months, and will be priced at $549, with a European launch in the same timeframe priced at €549. We don't yet have UK pricing, though. 

So, if you're curious about the resurgence of 3D photography and want a really easy way to capture some deep and lush images with stereoscopic layers, this would look like one of the most accessible options in a long time. 

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