9 smart home releases from 2023 that are worth buying

Top smart home tech launched in the last 12 months

Smart home gadgets 2023
(Image credit: Govee / Enabot / Eufy)

When it comes to putting together the perfect smart home setup – whether you're wanting to add one of the best smart speakers, the best smart bulbs, or anything else – you've got no shortage of products to pick from, and 2023 has been another busy year.

We've seen plenty of new gadgets launched in just about every possible smart home category. If you're looking to add to the network of devices you've got in your smart home, there should be something launched in the last 12 months that will fit.

Buying newer smart home hardware means it's going to be supported for a longer period of time, and it's going to be compatible with the latest smart home standards. Here are our picks for the best smart home kit launched across the course of 2023.

1. Govee Cube Wall Sconces

Govee Cube Wall Sconces

(Image credit: Govee)

Govee's impressive range of smart lights continues to expand, and the Cube Wall Sconces launched this year give a modern twist to a traditional type of light fixture. You can use them facing upwards or facing downwards for a variety of cool effects, and as usual from this company, they're really easy to operate. They'll cost you £130 / $130 from Govee.

2. Dreame L20 Ultra robot vacuum

Dreame L20 Ultra

(Image credit: Dreame)

There's no doubt that the Dreame L20 Ultra is an expensive bit of kit – yours for £1,099 / $1,499.99  – but we think that the robot vacuum is worth the outlay. It's simple to set going, it'll do both vacuuming and mopping to a very high standard, and the battery lasts about three hours between charges. You can pick up the premium product at Dreame.

3. Arlo Pro 5

Arlo Pro 5

(Image credit: Future)

You can absolutely rely on Arlo when it comes to keeping your property under surveillance, and the new Arlo Pro 5 is the best security camera from the brand yet. The video feed is crisp and clear, the notification system is really well tuned, and it offers longer battery life than previous models – all for £219.99 / $199.99 from Arlo.

4. Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd-gen)

Amazon Echo Show 8 2023

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon updated its Echo Show 8 this year, and – as you would hope from a new product – it's the best yet in the series. There's improved audio performance (including support for spatial audio for the first time), the addition of smart home hub features, and of course all the usual Alexa smarts as well. The smart display costs £149.99 / $149.99 from Amazon.

5. Swan Alexa Kettle

Swan Alexa Kettle

(Image credit: Swan)

Not from Amazon, but with Alexa capabilities built in, is this rather neat Swan smart kettle: it does everything a normal kettle does, but you can operate it with your voice or from your phone, control the temperature of the device, keep water warm for longer, and more. It's an impressive kitchen addition, and you can pick it up by giving £99.99 to Swan.

6. Ultion Nuki Plus

Ultion Nuki Plus

(Image credit: Ultion)

We see a lot of smart home devices, so something really needs to stand out to catch out eye – and that's exactly what the Ultion Nuki Plus did when it was launched this year. The best smart lock is precision engineered and comes packed with smart lock features, including support for voice commands, key fobs, and fingerprint access. It's £320 from Ultion.

7. Iotty E1/E2 Plus

Iotty E2 Plus

(Image credit: Iotty)

Smart light switches give you all the smart home magic without any need to replace bulbs, and the Iotty E1/E2 Plus models are fine examples of the category. They look super-stylish, and once set up, you can operate them through a host of different ways, including voice commands (or just tapping on them). These switches cost £99.90 / $90 from Iotty.

8. Enabot Ebo X

Enabot Ebo X

(Image credit: Enabot)

The Enabot Ebo X is pricey, but it's worth the outlay: it can intelligently navigate from room to room, responding to your commands, playing your tunes, and keeping a close eye on pets, kids, and elderly relatives. It offers crisp 4K video, and it's even smart enough to warn you if it sees a stranger in the house. It'll set you back £999 / $999 from Enabot.

9. Eufy E340 video doorbell

Eufy E340 video doorbell

(Image credit: Eufy)

You wouldn't think there are many more ways to innovate when it comes to video doorbells, but the Eufy E340 gives it a good go, with a dual camera system so it can see packages on your doorstep as well as people. There are no ongoing subscription fees to worry about either, which we're pleased to see. It'll cost you £159.99 / $179.99 from Eufy.

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