5G Galaxy S10 price to make new iPhone XS look cheap

The new iPhone is going to be expensive, but the 5G Galaxy S10 looks set to be wallet busting

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G price, specs, release date combats new iPhone XS

With Apple's new iPhone flagship now mere days away from an official launch, a report has let slip just how much of a price gap there could be between it and the incoming 5G Samsung Galaxy S10, which has been described as the "most expensive" phone Samsung has ever produced.

The report stems from South Korean news site The Bell, which has a solid track record of reporting on Samsung's mobile operations, and reveals that "in order to realize 5G communication" in the Galaxy S10, "4 ~ 5 more antennas are needed than 4G", before concluding that the "the price of the series can be the most expensive."

And, considering that Samsung's current Galaxy flagship, the 4G-only 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 just retailed at launch for £1,099, a Galaxy S10 device that is equipped similarly but comes packing a powerful 5G connection that is reliant on "4 ~ 5 more antennas" being tucked inside, leads to the inevitable conclusion that it's going to carry a truly wallet-busting price point.

A price in excess of £1,099? That would even dwarf that called as coming to the new super-sized iPhone XS Plus, which is £1,049.

new iPhone XS

The iPhone XS Plus has been called to start at £1,049. The 5G Galaxy S10 Plus looks set to be even more expensive.

The Bell's report also indicates that the 5G model will actually be a Galaxy S10 Plus variant (no doubt because of the extra room needed for those extra antennas), and that the powerful and expensive new super phone could be released "before and after March 5, when domestic mobile operators start 5G service."

Interestingly, the report also reveals figures for exactly how many 5G phones have been ordered by Samsung to be produced next year, with 2 million units per year stated. This figure is very low when compared to the non-5G versions of its phones, which is slated at 40 million units per year. This seems to indicate that Samsung see the 5G phones as a niche, enthusiast market for the time being.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung is reported to be producing only 2 million 5G phones in 2019.

To us here at T3.com that position seems to make total sense, too. 5G phones are coming next year, along with 5G networks as well, however the market for people using both will be negligible at first.

As such, it seems smart that Samsung would continue to push forward with mobile innovation, to ensure it remains a presence in T3's best smartphones guide, while also keeping a tight reign on the purse strings as well.

After all, it looks like to get the most out of your 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019 you'll need be living in an area with a 5G network, and also have a laden bank account to afford the handset itself, which looks almost certain to be more expensive than even Apple's flagship new iPhone.

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