5 things you should bring to a festival if it’s raining

Don’t worry if rain is forecast to appear! You’ll have just as much fun if you bring these 5 things

wellies in the rain and mud at a festival
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Wherever you are in the world, you can’t deny that festival season is in full swing. You may have attended one yourself or know people who have, or if you’re lucky, you’ve got one coming up in the next few weeks! 

We’ve been blessed with some beautiful weather recently, but no matter how sunny it is, there is always a worry that the rain will appear at some point. Rain won’t make a festival any less fun but it may require you to put a bit more thought into what you pack. We've compiled a list of the top 5 things you should bring with you if rain is forecast to appear. 

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1. A good quality tent 

Whilst a tent will be on your packing list no matter what the weather it, it’s important to have a good quality one if rain is forecast to appear. If you’ve recently purchased a tent and no used it before, you may want to test it out first before you go to your festival. If you’ve had one for years, it’s also a good idea to take it for a test-run so you can check that the waterproofing remains intact and provides full coverage.

It’s also a great idea to pitch your tent high up or uphill. If it rains, water will run downhill and create a pool, turning some areas of the campsite into a makeshift swimming pool. You might think that sounds fun after a few drinks, but you’ll thank yourself in the morning when you don’t wake up surrounded by muddy water. 

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2. Wellies

Wellies are a fashion staple to any festival, whether there’s sun or rain. They keep your feet (and ankles!) dry from any kind of wet or mud, and we think they look pretty great as well. If you don't want to wear wellies then hiking boots can also be a good choice, but make sure to spray your shoes with a waterproof spray to protect them from any moisture. 

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3. Bin bags

Bin bags are an essential when it comes to rainy festivals! Not only are they great for clearing away rubbish after the weekend, you can keep your wet and muddy clothes in them so they don’t mess up your tent. They’re also good for taping over your trainers if you’ve forgotten to bring wellies. 

4. Travel towel

Travel towels are designed to be lightweight and dry quickly, making them idea for a rainy festival. They’re perfect if you need to dry off after a rain shower or need to wipe away any mud from your ankles. Plus, they can be easily be squeezed into your bumbag so you have access to one on the move! 

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5. Camping chair 

A lightweight, waterproof chair or stool can be an ideal choice for a festival, especially when the ground is wet. You will want to get one that’s easy to carry and can quickly fold out when needed. 

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We hope that has given you some inspiration for tackling a rainy festival. Have fun and stay dry (or at least try to!) 

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