5 things I hope to see at Apple's WWDC 2024 event

WWDC might be a developers' conference but there could be some big announcements too

WWDC 2023
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At WWDC in 2023, Apple launched the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. So how will they top it in 2024? The World Wide Developers' Conference – or WWDC for short – is when Apple typically highlights the new features coming to its various operating systems later in the year. This allows the developers time to create apps that make the most of these new features. It also gives us, the general public, a sneak peek of what's coming up.

For 2024, we expect to see updates for Apple's iPhone platform, iOS 18, as well as the iPadOS 18 and TVOS 18. There will inevitably be a new version of MacOS too, which will gain another California-related name, and hopefully some updates on Apple's latest Vision OS, for the Vision Pro. 

There could be some more product announcements too. While these have been rare, last year we saw new MacBook Air models and AirPods alongside the reveal of the Vision Pro, and we've also seen new Mac Studio devices and the M2 Ultra chip get a showcase. So how about this year? Here are some things I'm hoping for. 

Apple WWDC 2023 live keynote event

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1. M3 Ultra chip

We've already seen the Pro and Max versions of Apple's M3 silicon chip take pride of place in the new MacBook Pro models, but we've not yet seen an M3 Ultra. The M2 Ultra combined two of the Max chips to make a mega chip that was available in the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. It would make sense that an M3 Ultra would also go into these two products. 

Mockup of the future of CarPlay

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2. Apple CarPlay next generation

With the apparent disbanding of the Apple Car project, I'm hoping we will see more focus on CarPlay. Back in 2022, we saw how this could take more data directly from the car and provide a second display for the driver. What would be even better is if CarPlay could now be built into a vehicle's hardware, as Android Automotive is, to provide a native vehicle OS rather than one mirrored from your phone. 

Vision Pro on a flight

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3. Vision OS 2.0

Though the Vision Pro only launched a few months ago, the Vision OS platform was showcased at the last WWDC. So it would make sense that Apple will reveal a significant update for this year, to arrive later in the cycle. So far we've seen little in the way of third party apps, with many big names yet to release dedicated Vision OS versions. It would be great to see how Apple can expand the platform, potentially with more of a games focus. 

AirPods Max colours

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4. AirPods Max 2

Though it might be a long shot, it has been rumoured that a USB-C charging version of these over-ear headphones are on the way, and are likely to feature some additional upgrades. While it's possible this might come before WWDC, if we're still waiting in June, there's a chance it could find its way into the keynote. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring at Unpacked presentation

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5. Apple Ring

It's a huge long shot, and would be a very well-kept secret if this was actually in the works. However... a new device such as a smart ring would require some form of new OS, even though it would be unlikely to have a screen. Think iPad Shuffle but for Apple Health. I'm pretty sure that if Apple did release a smart ring, it would be hugely successful, though maybe too much of a distraction from the Vision Pro to release just yet. 

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