3 new Apple products I'd love to see announced in March

With an event expected on March 8, Apple is likely to announce a new iPhone SE and iPad Air but these are the other offerings on my wishlist

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Apple has spread out its events in recent years. Whereas once there were only a couple of times in a year when we could expect some new shiny Apple gear, special events now seem to arrive more regularly. In 2021 there were four main events throughout the year, with the first in April. 

In 2022, we are expecting Apple to announce an earlier March date for its first showing of the year, with the date of March 8 touted as being the most likely by experts. That's no guarantee of course,  we had potential dates come and go regularly last year, but if confirmed it is likely to be to release a few key products. 

The event is likely to deliver the third generation of the iPhone SE, Apple's entry-level smartphone, often based on older generations of the main device. It is also possible that it will include the announcement of a new iPad Air. The last version of the Air was released in September 2020, making it the oldest in the range. 

That could be it for our presumed March Apple event, but there's always hope that we will see something less expected in the lineup. A 'just one more thing', even though we've not seen one of those for a while. There's a long list of products that Apple 'might' announce, from the Mac Pro to new lossless AirPods Pro, but these are the items that top my list. 

Apple Pro Display

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1. A lower cost Apple Display

Apple MacBook and Mini users have little choice but to find a third-party screen for their desktop use. That is unless they are prepared to shell out the $5,000+ for the Pro Display XDR model. While this is undoubtedly a great display, it's just not in most users' budget, and so they opt for a Dell, Viewsonic or one of the other great monitors for MacBook Pros. If there was a sub-$1000 Apple monitor available, I'm sure most would pick that instead. I know I would. 

There's been chatter that a 'budget' Apple display is on its way, and now seems as good a time as any to announce it. My fingers are crossed. 

Apple AR headset render

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2. Apple VR headset

Virtual reality and augmented reality is big news in 2022, with Meta's Quest 2 leading the way and Sony's PSVR2 expected later in the year. VR and AR has huge potential for gaming, not to mention the whole Metaverse thing. It's an area that feels natural for an Apple product and yet we still wait. 

There has been rumors of one in production and many renders of what it could look like created (like the one above). There's every chance that Apple's solution is still some way off, and if it was to be released this year, it's likely to be towards the holiday season. But, it's not impossible that we could get more information on it soon. 

Apple TV 4K

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3. Apple TV 8K

Apple TV+ is now a massive part of Apple's business, but its flagship media player was last updated in April 2021 and was only a subtle change from the original Apple TV 4K, which was released in 2017. That's nearly five years of product life, which is long in anyone's book. 

Could it really be an 8K device? Well, there's still very little in terms of 8K content out there, so maybe not, but that hasn't stopped 8K TVs. Personally i'd settle for another 4K device with a new design and some added features, like a USB slot or way to connect a webcam for FaceTime calls on my TV. 

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