3 killer new iOS features coming to your iPhone in 2022

And you won't need to buy the iPhone 14 to get them, either

iPhone showing driver's license in Apple Wallet
(Image credit: Apple)

Your iPhone is expected to get a lot smarter in 2022, and you won't need to buy the forthcoming iPhone 14 to benefit either. That's because the next version of iOS 15 is expected to deliver some key new features that'll make your phone even more useful – and a lot more convenient, too.

We all know that iPhones are among the best phones you can buy today, but that doesn't mean that they're perfect and these new features, which have been reported by respected Apple news sources, would elevate the iPhone experience notably.

Here are the 4 new iPhone features expected to be landing on your iPhone very soon:

Face ID that works with a mask

The beta of iOS 15.4 includes the long-awaited version of Face ID that still works even when you're wearing a mask. The consensus from beta testers is that it works really well, even if you wear glasses, although sunglasses are still a no-no. This has been kinda sorta possible since iOS 14.5 but only if you also had an Apple Watch, and you couldn't use it for Apple Pay. The new version removes both restrictions.

Apple Music Classical

Why should pop and rock fans have all the fun? Apple's classical music app is due to launch this year. It's based on the highly rated Primephonic service, which Apple bought last year, and it'll be made available to Apple Music subscribers when it launches at some point in 2022.

Your driver's license in Apple Wallet

This one's US-only, we're afraid, and it won't roll out everywhere at once: Georgia and Arizona will be among the first states to offer Wallet-friendly digital driving licences; other states that already have digital ID apps may offer Apple Wallet integration too. The TSA will be the first organisation to use the Wallet-based ID cards before the system rolls out to other organisations such as retailers and event providers.

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