Top 3 Nintendo Switch upgrades for April 2022

Get better graphics, connectivity, control, storage and more on your Nintendo Switch

Marseille mClassic Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Marseille)

As proved by our Nintendo Switch review we're huge fans of the Big N's latest console generation.

However, the original Switch launched back in 2017 and in the face of next-gen consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X and Steam Deck, it's looking more than a little dated.

As while the Nintendo Switch OLED improved the original Switch console's screen, it upgraded little else of note.

With what we think are 3 essential upgrades, though, Nintendo Switch owners can imbue their console with better graphics, connectivity, control and more – all factors that help deliver more of a Nintendo Switch Pro experience.

Here's the three products that we recommend most in April 2022 for Switch gamers looking to upgrade their console.

Marseille mClassic Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Future)

1. Marseille mClassic

In our Marseille mClassic review we gave this product a maximum score of 5 stars. Why did we do that? Only because it is a plug-and-play piece of magic that imbues your Nintendo Switch console with better graphics.

The mClassic is an upscaler that sits between your console and your TV and upscales the resolution of the graphics as well as adding in anti-aliasing and a series of other post-processing effects like image sharpening and depth of field enhancement to make games look better.

Marseille mClassic review Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Future)

If you have a large 4K TV then this means that you can enjoy superior graphics while playing Nintendo Switch and get a much more Nintendo Switch Pro experience out of the now dated core hardware. Check out the before and after image above, as well as those in T3's review, to get a flavor for the upgrade delivered.

What's so neat about the mClassic is that it doesn't just work with Switch, either. It can upscale and add effects to any retro console as well, including GameCube, Dreamcast, PS3, Nintendo 64, Wii U and Xbox. From a value point of view it delivers big for gamers, making it even easier to recommend.

Nintendo Switch G-Case

(Image credit: Plenbo)

2. Plenbo G-Case

As we've written about recently, the soon-to-launch Plenbo G-Case also looks like an essential Nintendo Switch upgrade, delivering a bevy of improvements for the original console and its OLED screen-packing successor.

G-Case is a new all-in-one module case and set of accessories for Switch that delivers the following improvements:

1. A modular 5,000mAh battery system
2. Modular interchangeable grips
3. A modular case that can transform into a Joy-Con holding gamepad
4. Delivers a heavy-duty industrial kickstand
5. Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 aptX-LL wireless connectivity
6. Built-in cart storage slots
7. Accessories including a carry case, all-in-one dock and controller adapter

Nintendo Switch G-Case

(Image credit: Plenbo)

Simply put, G-Case upgrades the Nintendo Switch experience across the board and, like the mClassic above, delivers an experience that feels closer to a Nintendo Switch Pro.

There are two versions of G-Case, too, both catering to Switch and Switch OLED owners, so no matter which console you're currently using you can bag these upgrades.

G-Case can be ordered now in April 2022 for delivery in July.

SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I card for Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: SanDisk)

3. SanDisk micro SDXC UHS-I MicroSD card

This is the choice of MicroSD storage upgrade for Nintendo Switch, with 128GB, 256GB and even 512GB varieties available. The Nintendo Switch games library is now massive and that means there are a lot of awesome gaming experiences available. As standard the Switch comes with a paltry 32GB SD card, so injecting another 480GB of storage space into your console is a smart move.

SanDisk microSDXC Nintendo SD card

(Image credit: SanDisk)

These SanDisk cards are officially licensed, too, and come with a series of cool designs, including a mushroom, leaf and star power-up. The bright yellow 256GB card is a strong option, as too the 512GB green card. Going to 128GB is fine but considering that juggernaut new titles like Breath of the Wild 2 are rumored to take up a lot of storage space, we think investing in a larger card makes sense.

A Switch or Switch OLED loaded with 512GB of storage space feels a lot more next-gen than 32GB.

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